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    Couldn’t find a thread about F1 betting, so here it is. If it’s against the rules or if there’s already one, just delete this.

    Anyway, I got some cash on the following bet:
    Lewis Hamilton on pole @ 6,50


    i always thought f1 betting was a good idea for an f1fanatic because we know so much about the current form/ the tyres etc. I know bookies have big teams working on football and other big sports but i cant imagine their f1 experts are any more clever than we are here. no? ;)


    Haha, yes @Sato113 we need to put a team of experts together so that we can all make some money :D


    This is the amount of money you win per dollar you bet, for each driver for pole position:

    Sebastian Vettel $2.50
    Lewis Hamilton $3.25
    Mark Webber $4.00
    Fernando Alonso $4.00
    Kimi Raikkonen $5.85
    Nico Rosberg $6.90
    Felipe Massa $8.25
    Jenson Button $10.00
    Romain Grosjean $10.00
    Sergio Perez $15.00
    Paul di Resta $20.00
    Adrian Sutil $25.00
    Nico Hulkenberg $25.00
    Daniel Ricciardo $35.00
    Pastor Maldonado $35.00
    Esteban Gutierrez $45.00
    Jean-Eric Vergne $45.00
    Valtteri Bottas $50.00
    Jules Bianchi $70.00
    Charles Pic $100.00
    Giedo van der Garde $140.00
    Max Chilton $165.00

    Source? Kingshark’s expert betting calculator. :)


    @Kingshark your odds are way too low. A Hamilton pole pays $6,50 per dollar bet… and I think I saw Webber at odds 11.


    I’ve been laying some virtual bets (which I often ape with real cash) on this thread: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/groups/f1/forum/topic/the-f1-betting-game/

    Amazingly, or amazingly for me anyway, I’m showing a profit this year….

    Okay, time to stick a few quid on Kimi for the win, just can’t resist those 11/2 odds.

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