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    I’m sure many of us get F1 withdrawal symptoms during the off season! So, I’m sure we all have some favourite DVDs and books to keep us going when there isn’t any racing. Anyone care to recommend some? Here are mine …

    * Flat Out, Flat Broke by Perry McCarthy = incredible story of life as a jobbing racing driver, including driving for one of the worst-ever F1 teams
    * To Hell and Back by Niki Lauda = forthright opinions and a revealing portrait of a guy who worked so hard for his success
    * 1982 by Christopher Hilton = detailed review of F1’s most tempestuous season
    * Rush (DVD) = goes without saying!

    Ben Furtula

    The Lewis Hamilton autobiography written after his title in 2008, is a good read.

    Theo Parkinson

    The Senna movie: an obvious choice.


    @junior-pilot Lots of book and video recommendations (and non-recommendations!) here:

    F1 book reviews
    Official F1 Season Reviews

    And I have to strongly disagree with @raikkonen25the official Hamilton autobiography is a complete waste of money. If you want to read about Hamilton, get this one instead.

    Ben Furtula

    I can remember it being quite a good book? Oh well. Is there any books about Kimi Raikkonen?


    Its a bit dated now of course but Murray Walkers autobiography is easily available and good idea for cheap Christmas present


    @raikkonen25 Considering how uncommunicative Kimi is, I wonder how interesting his book would be?!

    Ben Furtula

    I’d be happy with just a autobiography with the first 10 pages about how his “drinking life” evolves and then the rest of the book could just be “quotes and things I don’t like very much” aha @Rodney

    Richard Melville

    Hi guys! Talking about the books about F1 to read. I am a former racing driver. I drove GT cars in Europe in early sixties, Formula Supervees and Atlantic in the States and Canada, and finally in New Zealand in the mid-seventies.

    I have often tried to find a good novel about motor-racing from the driver’s point of view, without much luck, so I decided to write one. The novel is about Formula 1 motor-racing driver in the deadly years of the 1970s. I was driving Supervees and Formula Atlantic at that time, and have a good understanding of racing cars and what makes them tick. Here is the link to my website where you may find out more about the book and me: http://MelvilleAuthor.com. Alternatively you may read the excerpt of the book http://bit.ly/1w2H5n4

    I’d love to hear your thoughts about the book. Thanks and look forward to conversing with you all.


    @raikkonen25 I don’t think there are any English language biographies of Raikkonen – or Alonso for that matter.

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