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    Hello everyone. I am currently doing my final year of architecture and for my thesis project I have to design a Formula-1 circuit campus. I will be designing only the track layout, main grandstand and the pit building.
    I have made some preliminary track designs, and one of my friends has greatly helped me in making the layouts. I would like to get feedback so that the circuit layout can be improved.
    I am posting the designs that I have made, i request you to review them.

    These are the very first designs i made:

    Then after a lot of consulation with a friend I came to this design:
    The 500 and 700m straights will be uphill and downhill respectively.


    Maybe you could get in contact with this guy


    That chicane after turn one serves no purpose and what’s with all the 90° corners?

    I love drawing tracks as well, here’s some of mine:




    I agree with the 90° corners being very repetitive…kept the chicane to make sector 1 bit slower…
    What changes do you recommend…? And what do you think of this track: http://i1069.photobucket.com/albums/u467/nileshrparge/circuitpreliminary3.jpg
    btw nice track layouts…


    About the first designs: I immediately thought of the new Fuji. One huge straight and then slow turns all the way back. The 19-turn one is way too much. The 16-turn version is a big improvement. What I don’t like about it is the sharp turn after the esses (really like the esses though), because it breaks the flow of the course and there can’t ever be any overtaking right after the esses. Imo, slow corners only belong after a fast part. I also don’t like the three 180+° corners in a row, it just feels wrong.

    I suggest you start from the 16-turn layout and then do something like this: http://i43.tinypic.com/fkt91x.jpg (excuse me for the sloppiness, I did it in a hurry, but I think you get the idea).

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @nileshrparge – I think you have perhaps a few too many corners in your designs, and a lot of your corners feel repeated. I’ve also noticed that a lot of your designs have the same basic shape to them.

    Designing circuits is something of a hobbiy of mine, and one of the things I like to do is use a mapping program like the G-Maps Pedometer. I think it would serve as a good template for you, because it lets you plot your route, which you could then re-draw in a graphics program and adjust to your liking.

    Here are a few that I have come up with off the top of my head:




    The beauty of it is that you can come up with some excellent designs in a matter of minutes.


    @Prisoner Monkeys
    These are not actually different tracks in the sense that they are variants derived from one basic track I had designed. These variants are the result of some consultation with my friend.
    As for the gmap-pedometer…i will surely use it create some designs.

    The thing is thatI need to keep the orientation of the start-finish straight same due to site restrictions. The highway runs parallel to it. The rest of the track can be changed.


    Actually I did the 19 turn one after the 16 one, lol. I thought 16 one was a bit too simple.
    I get the idea of changing the 180+° series. With the changes you suggested, it starts reminding me more of fuji…haha!
    Lets see what all changes I can make!


    I did a similar thing for my final university project whilst studying Computer Games Design. Here is my final circuit (granted it was designed as a Destruction Derby track, hence the rockslide, broken bridge, and crossover, but still, it won me a competition a few years back on this very site!)

    Anyway, these tracks you’re coming up with look so very… Tilke.

    Just a suggestion. Have a root around on google maps, find a location you like, possibly using public roads, or maybe just an interesting looking large field, flick between the terrain and satellite views so you get a good idea of the elevation changes, and have a go at working a track into the available space. It also roots your design ideas and implementation firmly in the real world, giving you real world obsticles to work around.

    It’s more fun and far more rewarding that just drawing a squiggle on a blank piece of paper.

    Here are a couple that I’ve down recently. One is a random field in Italy somewhere, which tries to squeeze in as many interesting corners as possible, as well as multiple layouts (pit buildings in blue, grandstands in brown, spectator banking in light green, trees in dark green).

    The other is a public roadway around a hill beside a place called Perry Lake somewhere in the US. This gives interesting gradient and a naturally flowing circuit. (track layout and pitlane only, kind of a work in progress)

    Have a go, see what you can come up with!


    yep…i agree my tracks are somewhat Tilke like…probably that’s just they way I like.
    Your canyon track is seriously awesome for a game.
    As for the google maps suggestion…I am already on it since the selection of my project!
    I like the Perry Lake track…it seems to have a great flow.

    I will try to come up with some alternative designs and post them soon.


    @Nileshrparge Glad to help, I really look forward to seeing what you come up with.


    Ok. So this is the layout that I will most likely use in my project.
    I might shift turn 8 a bit towards the upper side so that I can accommodate the paddock area comfortably. The start finish straight is 1224m long.
    There will be 2 DRS zones…the straight between turns 8-9 and the start-finish straight.


    The image isn’t working for me. Regardless, I don’t think you should consider DRS (except mentioning that it can be discounted as a design objective). Circuits are not, and should not, be designed with DRS in mind. DRS is an addition to the circuits, and I believe the FIA would decide where placement would be once a circuit was accepted.


    Try tihs link: http://sachmichael.deviantart.com/art/–279933341
    I get what you are saying but I didn’t design the circuit with DRS in mind, however I did extend the straight between 8-9 to accommodate DRS.

    Grant Bigham

    I did a thesis last year on circuit design within not just Formula One but all motorsport. Anyway depending where your from you might find this helpful if you can visit them, I went last year and they were more than helpful! Try get in contact with them and I’m sure they will be more than happy to help! They design circuits across the world although currently none are used in the current F1 calender. http://www.apexcircuitdesign.co.uk/

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