F1 personalities in TV adverts

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    Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes’ latest television spot along with various others:


    Saw that Mercedes one on Dutch TV tonight, not sure where he found that extra gear though… could explain why Mercedes has been so dominant this year.


    Does this count as an advert? Amusing ad/interview with one of Vettel’s sponsors:


    The jokes lose a little in translation, I would say :D


    @orrc ich glaube das war sehr gut aus. (I thought that was very good) :P


    Not a TV advert, but I found this Tag Heuer poster featuring Ayrton Senna to be in very bad taste:


    I don’t like the use of dead celebrities in adverts either, although I must admit I was impressed with the technology in the Audrey Hepburn one a couple of years ago, but I think linking it to the word cracks is a bit of a stretch.

    I take it as them saying he didn’t crack under pressure like their watches won’t which is still a cheap tactic but not related to his death.

    I expect someone owns the rights to his image and sold the rights as strange as that concept is.


    Let’s get back to funny ones. Here’s Alain Prost in the bath:


    Yeah you’ll have good hair – but what will it do to your voice:


    Don’t know has this been showed on TV, but it’s an advert nevertheless.

    Santander’s new christmas ad:

    Yet another world-class performance by Kimi :-)


    Button in the latest Santander advert – a glimpse of the new driver overalls with Chandon sponsorship and team kit for McLaren in 2016?


    Cool ad for Braun featuring Vettel in a Formula V8 3.5 car:


    It always amazes me how they do those adverts. Obviously they didn’t have a shipping container falling from the sky to land on Sebastian Vettel if it went wrong. CGI perhaps?

    Omar R

    @ambroserpm Maybe more than CGI, they use the advantage of having still cameras, so they just let Seb go, then release the container a minute later and with a couple of computer’s tweaks they put it together.

Viewing 15 posts - 271 through 285 (of 328 total)
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