F1 personalities in TV adverts

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    Saw this commercial earlier this evening: Max Verstappen in a commercial for Ziggo, which I think is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) broadband providers in the Netherlands. For the non-Dutch speaking, the joke is that ‘overstappen’ (oVerstappen) means ‘switching broadband’ in Dutch…

    Anyways, I wonder if we’ll see their name on the Toro Rosso or his helmet this year. It’s not an international company, but on the other hand the Dutch TV audience is growing steadily, so who knows.


    @andae23 Definitely not his helmet, VET couldn’t put what was deemed a Red Bull ad on his a few years agp, unless I’ve missed something?

    It’s not an international company

    It probably won’t matter :)
    (See the KFC Indonesia ad in Indonesian on the car? I know VES is not that kind of pay driver but Ziggo wouldn’t be the first non-international company to have their logo on an F1 car)


    Here’s a strange one I’d forgotten about – the late Rik Mayall plugging Nigel Mansell’s World Championship Racing for Nintendo in around 1992/3:


    And here’s the man himself flogging car insurance with Omid Djalili:


    Can’t beat the Mansell tache, IMO the legend just doesn’t look right without it.

    Speaking of tache’s, we need a few more in F1. Can only recall DR’s attempt at a tache in recent years.


    Just saw Lewis Hamilton in a L’Oréal advert.


    is this some comment about how underivable his Ferrari was in that year? ;-)


    Michael Schumacher attempts something far more difficult than winning 91 grands prix and seven world championships: Selling the Fiat Multipla:


    Raikkonen flogging Marlboros in his first stint at Ferrari. Bit weird to see a television advert for a cigarette brand…

    Charles King

    In another health-related shocker, Kimi has also been known to place journalists at risk of diabetes by peddling ice creams full of sugar and fat:
    Will the madness never end

    Will the madness never end? :-O


    Delightfully nineties-cheesy Japanese Shell advert featuring Ayrton Senna which at times looks like he wasn’t even aware he was being filmed:


    Lewis Hamilton drives a Mercedes GT-R around an overgrown Nurburgring Nordschleife:


    Incomprehensible 1996 advert featuring Alain Prost:

    Anyone know what’s going on here?


    Hi Keith,

    This is an advert for “la tête dans les nuages”, a french chain of game centers that had a deal with SEGA in the 90s. They were branded at the time “la tête dans les nuages – centres SEGA” (literally: head in the clouds – SEGA centres).
    I used to go there at the time and had some good fun. But I’ve never seen this before.
    From what I understand, Prost goes to a game centre in 1996, plays some games and find himself in a game centre in 2029 (not that far from now btw). The ad ends with the message “J’y reste” (I stay), implying that he played all that time without exiting the centre.

    Not sure about my analysis, but this is my attempt.


    Formula One’s big new sponsor has begun pumping out its first promos. Love the retro vibe in this one:

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