F1 personalities in TV adverts

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    But this is the cheesiest, dumbest piece of guff I’ve seen in a long time. At least the vast booming head of Ecclestone makes it entertaining:


    It builds on Heineken’s brand direction better than the Jackie Stewart ad. If anything, Stewart’s ad appeals to Formula One fans, this one appeals to the people who have heard of Formule One, who think it’s cool, but don’t really know what it is. The message, of course, is that Heineken is for successful, clever and attractive people. It fits well with their sponsorship of the latest James Bond movies.


    @jaapgrolleman It’s definitely aiming for the whole James Bond thing but it looks too cheap and tacky to pull it off. It reminds me of those terrible intros ITV used to do.

    And if it’s aimed at people who don’t know F1 then the personality-cult cameo by Ecclestone makes no sense.


    @KeithCollantine Bernie would make an excellent Bond villain ;-) Yes it’s cheap and tackey, but the casual-est of F1 fans won’t notice.


    Will Button still have to do these ads for Santander next year? Here he is swapping his race helmet for a bike one:



    Hamilton drenched in ink because blah blah blah go buy a printer already:


    Here’s a beverage you can trust will stay Fisi. But however low alcohol it is I wouldn’t go along with the advice to “Drive, Drive, Drive, Drive, Drive, Drive Beer”.

    Take it away Giancarlo Fisichella:

    Also the packaging appears to have misidentified him as a ‘Formula One champion’:

    Giancarlo Fisichella Drive Beer


    Valtteri Bottas shows off his remarkable talent for welding in this rather sedate ad for one of his sponsors:


    Hamilton’s latest – keep an eye out for the weirdly inaccurate mirror:


    Here’s a classic featuring Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello:


    Here’s Kimi Räikkönen driving around with the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso T. And playing ice-hockey, for whatever reason.


    @huhhii Ferrari getting ever closer to ditching their ‘we don’t advertise’ policy, I see.

    They did a good job of making it look like he was actually on the ice rink, I thought.


    @keithcollantine I’m pretty sure Kimi actually shot those shootouts there. I’ve heard he’s been practising with Swiss hockey league team EV Zug in his sparetime. And well, all Finns have hockey skills in their blood.

    Those “saving attempts” by the goalie were pretty laughable though. It looked as if he was trying to avoid the puck rather than make a save.


    Here’s an interesting historical one featuring a few ex-F1 drivers. This is an advert for the 1996 CART US500.

    For those who may not know the history, IndyCar racing split at the end of 1995. The breakaway series, IRL, refused to allow all but a tiny number of entries from the rival CART series to contest the Indianapolis 500, which then as now was the biggest race in the USA. CART’s answer was to instigate a rival 500-mile race held on the same day at the Michigan superspeedway. Here’s their advert for the US500:


    As we’re revisiting the 1997 F1 season this year, here’s Bridgestone advertising their entry into the championship. Bonus point if you can identify the driver…

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