F1 personalities in TV adverts

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    I loved that ending: POTENZA! POTENZA!

    BTW it’s Ricardo Rosset.


    Looks like Ricardo Rosset there, in an Arrows possibly?


    It is indeed Ricardo ‘don’t transpose the first and last letters of my surname’ Rosset.


    Ricardo Rosset


    It’s a ligier js 41


    With Ferrari having recently extended their deal with Marlboro, here’s a flashback to the days when McLaren were sponsored by the same company, and pit stops weren’t quite as quick as they are today:


    There’s something fishy about this one. Apparently this is a genuine TV ad for an insurance company featuring David Coulthard which, according to this report, was recently banned for encouraging reckless driving.

    That alone is enough to make you wonder if the whole thing was intentional (there’s nothing like a bit of free national newspaper coverage for your ad being banned). But then the ad itself tries to make out the the couple in the back of the car didn’t know they were being filmed, which is obviously not the case.

    For all that, there’s some skilful driving on display here – it’d be nice to know who was doing the stunts. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was created so it would inevitably be banned and then spread around the internet by people like me…


    I only just came across this cool one from last year’s Olympics. One for Ayrton Senna fans:


    Max Verstappen’s sponsor Exact has done a series of spots where they pit the 20-year-old against various classic pieces of technology including a personal favourite of mine, the Commodore Amiga 500:


    And here he is going mano a mano with a Walkman:


    And enjoying a bit more success with a tape recorder:


    Kimi advertising alcoholic beverage. Because why not.


    Renault are getting their value out of Daniel Ricciardo before he jumps ship to McLaren:

Viewing 13 posts - 316 through 328 (of 328 total)
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