F1 edits criticism of Halo out of drivers' press conference video

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    F1’s edit of the drivers press conference yesterday doesn’t exactly reflect the balance of debate on the subject of Halo. The positive comments from drivers were left in but the critical remarks from the likes of Nico Hulkenberg, Max Verstappen and Kevin Magnussen were edited out:

    Here’s some of what was said from both sides of the debate in the press conferences yesterday:

    Wilson’s fatal crash shows F1 must have Halo – Vettel


    This is really disappointing…


    Must have been a short press conference!!
    I cant access the link now Keith – been blocked by The Man already. “Blocked by FOM”


    This is completely unnecessary and will only further enrage those fans, who loathe the halo. It is good that the FIA / F1 have been doing some explanatory work but they should also admit that this device does not look perfect, that aesthetics do matter in F1 and promise that they will keep trying to find alternative solutions. Other opinions should be respected, F1’s official YouTube channel should not be the modern version of a Communist Party leaflet.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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