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    1. Seb Vettel – well he just owned all
    2. Jenson Button – many said he’d fail against Hamilton but in only his second season as his team mate he beat him
    3. Fernando Alonso – dragged a poor Ferrari to a win and made it better than it was.
    4. Lewis Hamilton – would of had a better season if he’d of stopped moping about and moaning about his love-life/Massa
    5. Nico Rosberg – a win must be soon for him surely, led in Belgium after a great start
    6. Michael Schumacher – a much better season than last, thwarted a podium in Canada
    7. Felipe Massa – Mr Consistant sadly it was 5th and 6th and not podiums for him this year
    8. Mark Webber – soundly beaten by his team mate, almost winless in a season where the car was a clear mile ahead of the field
    9. Adrian Sutil – a tough job having the rookie of the season as a team mate, best of the rest after the big 4 teams
    10. Kamui Kobayashi – would of had a better year if Sauber had given him a better strategy
    11. Nick Heidfeld – in what could be his last season, stood in for injured Kubica and was only 3 points behind Petrov who lasted the full year.
    12. Paul Di Resta – thankfully his racing was more exciting than his interviews, solid year and hopefully on the grid next year.
    13. Jaime Alguersuari – beat his rival Buemi, could just be enough to secure him his future when RedBull start chopping drivers again
    14. Bruno Senna – stepped in and was straight upto speed with Petrov, but how many more chances will he get?
    15. Sergio Perez – often drove well but for no reward, bad shunt at Monaco not quite Ferrari potential yet
    16. Vitaly Petrov – a 3rd and a flying lesson in Malaysia sums his season up, his money saves his seat after his rant about the team at the end of the year
    17. Seb Buemi – in danger of the Austrian axe for Ricciardo, needs a strong 2012
    18. Daniel Ricciardo – put into the HRT and drove it well.
    19. Rubens Barrichello – sadly forgotten in a very poor car, 4pts such a shame for the old boy
    20. Heikki Kovalainen – of the new teams he looks the one to cause a shock and claim a point
    21. Pastor Maldonado – lost a points score in Monaco then took revenge in Belgium, average season for a average driver
    22. Timo Glock – year 2 at Virgin, a new team mate, solid finishes but deserves better
    23. Jerome D’Ambrosio – in a team that needs money 1 season was all he was going to get. fantastic spin in the pitlane was his only rookie mistake
    24. Tonio Liuzzi – beaten by Ricciardo, too many years doing nothing of any note
    25. Jarno Trulli – seemed to moan about power steering all year, idealy suited to a Fiat Punto with a city button than his Lotus
    26. Narain Karthikeyan – finished 24th out of 24 nothing else to say,
    27. Karun Chandok – stepped in at Lotus and was beaten by HRT’s. better suited to commentary than racing

    I’ve forgotten about De La Rosa, he did a solid job for his quick step in at Sauber. always seems to be hanging around garages when teams need a substitute


    Damn it, ignore the extra rankings at the bottom of my page. I’d copied them from another user so I wouldn’t forget the drivers who had competed but then forgot to delete them.

    ross bell

    1.Sebastian vettel-cant argue about it rarely made a mistake
    2. Jenson Button-driving the best he ever has, getting better with age
    3.Fernando Alonso-dragged the ferrari to places it shouldnt have been
    4.Adrian Sutil-an impressive 9th deserves to stay on next year
    5.Heikki Kovalainen-good season in an uncompetitive car


    28 Chandhok-Only did one race
    27 Karthikeyan
    26 Ricciardo
    25 Liuzzi
    24 Trulli
    23 D’ambrosio
    22 Maldonado-Disappointing for GP2 champ
    21 de la Rosa-Great job in Canada
    20 Barrichello
    19 Buemi
    18 Heidfeld-disappointing after malaysia
    17 Petrov-Disappointing after australia
    16 Perez
    15 Senna-impressed
    14 Kobayashi-Tailed off towards end of year
    13 Glock
    12 Alguersuari
    11 Massa-disappointing
    10 Kovalainen-great job in car thats not competitive
    9 Schumacher-Strong year
    8 Rosberg-always there
    7 di Resta-rookie of the year
    6 Webber-didn’t match Vettel
    5 Hamilton-3 class wins
    4 Sutil-strong second half of season
    3 Alonso-excellent
    2 Button-edges out Alonso because of who was in other car
    1 Vettel-Cant argue with it


    I think anyone other than Vettel (1) on top would be a crime. He has performed in such a way to lead and win, and do it often.

    Button (2) and Alonso (3) would be my 2nd and 3rd respectively. Both have performed above what would be expected of them, given their situations.

    Webber (8), Massa and Maldonado are the three I’d criticize the most. Webber and Massa have, considering their team mates performance, done absolutely dreadfully. And as for Pastor… Some times… and not often enough he showed promise… And those times were more than outnumbered by disasters. Both due to pace and aggression. He should be close to the bottom I’m sure of it.

    I think Sutil (7) did very well. I think people over rate Di Resta, I cite Sutil’s 9th place and best of the rest at 42 points to Di Resta’s 27. Di resta is a rookie, but he has had the car to get the points.

    Rosberg (5) and Schumacher (6) I think, did well. I’d easily place Rosberg above Massa and Webber.

    Hamilton (4) is the one that I’m not sure on. Yes he had a few smashing races. But since the half way mark he has outnumbered them with some shocking results. I wouldn’t put him above 4th.

    I think both Torro Rosso and Sauber drivers did well. Especially Alguersuari.

    And Heikki has been massive for Lotus. Getting into Q2 and all! Ricciardo is the other low order driver that impressed me, he shouldn’t be beating Liuzzi but he either did, or got very close to doing it.

    I think Ruben’s 12th in Brazil shows what he can do if he is motivated. But yeah, not as great as I would have hoped…

    What was meant to be two paragraphs just turned into a rant. But I blame the one asking the question for this. :D


    1 Sebastian Vettel : peerless!
    2 Jenson Button : well thought out races. Winner in the most competitive driver line up.
    3 Fernando Alonso : some great drives…in a decent car would have challenged for the title.
    4 Lewis Hamilton : 3 great wins but a very uneven year over all.
    5 Mark Webber : failed to finish second in the best car
    6 Adrian Sutil : was superb in the second half – prob best of the rest.
    7 Nico Rosberg : solid
    8 Michael Schumacher : much better year but still behind Nico
    9 Felipe Massa : prob the worst year of his career – in racing terms
    10 Kamui Kobayashi : would have done better if the car had improved
    11 Paul di Resta : rookie of the year
    12 Heikki Kovalainen : miles ahead of the others in the new teams
    13 Jaime Alguersuari : beat Buemi
    14 Nick Heidfeld : he did better then Petrov but still got dropped.
    15 Sergio Perez : some good races
    16 Vitaly Petrov : poor in the second half
    17 Sebastien Buemi : hasn’t done anything of note.
    18 Rubens Barrichello : horrible car…looks like its the end of the road for him
    19 Bruno Senna : couldn’t fully utilize his chances..
    20 Timo Glock : must be missing Toyota
    21 Pastor Maldonado : poor every where outside Europe
    22 Pedro de la Rosa : solid race in Canada…but only 1 race so 22nd
    23 Vitantonio Liuzzi : seems disinterested now
    24 Daniel Ricciardo : good start
    25 Jerome d’Ambrosio : ?
    26 Narain Karthikeyan : wasn’t that far behind Liuzzi in races…but over the hill
    27 Jarno Trulli : should really be 28th
    28 Karun Chandhok : 1 race – last place :(


    Thanks for your contributions everyone, the driver rankings series will begin soon.

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