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    1 . Vettle – No Questions

    Well, I do have one question ;)

    Just kidding.

    Max Jacobson

    1 – Vettel: supreme.
    2 – Hulkenberg: he consistently impressed me in the secomd half, and was doing well with poor machinery in the first.
    3 – Raikkonen: consistent in the first half of the season, waned a bit in the second but considering his back problems still did very well.
    4 – Alonso: didn’t look as good this season as last, hence him dropping 3 places in my ranking. Made a few uncharacteristic mistakes in the first half of the season and wasn’t very far ahead in qualifying of Massa, but made up for that more often than not in the races.
    5 – Hamilton: he has not been as far ahead as Rosberg as I had imagined, but considering it is his first season with a new team he has had a very solid performance.
    6 – Rosberg: close to Hamilton and quite excellent at times in qualifying. Very underrated driver.
    7 – Button: qualifying wasn’t perfect, but comfortably more consistent than Perez.
    8 – Grosjean: came on very strongly in the second half, but a very mediocre first. He’s on great form coming into next season however, so I expect him to climb the list.
    9 – Ricciardo: I think he will be better than Webber relative to Vettel. Races have improved drastically since last season.
    10 – Webber: Vettel made him look worse than he actually was. Inconsistent in the races, but still a “decent peddler” and some very strong qualifyings towards the end of the season.
    11 – Bianchi: slotted in brilliantly to F1, and embarrassed Chilton.
    12 – Di Resta: very good start to the season but lost the plot for a while, crashing frequently (despite this he was running in good positions often).
    13 – Perez: perhaps a tad harsh on him, but he didn’t perform as well as I had anticipated in teh seconmd half: I thought he’d be beating Button.
    14 – Bottas: Williams were right to sign him. I think he has potential to become a great driver.
    15 – Vergne: Red Bull promoted the right driver, but still a decent perfomance.
    16 – Massa: improved a lot towards the end of the season and was good in qualifying, but still, Alonso clearly showed he is a better driver.
    17 – Sutil: close to Di Resta in first half but I think his peak is up.
    18 – Maldonado: disappointing season all-in-all, but the flashes of speed are still there.
    19 – Gutierrez: strong contender for most improved, but considering what he was like in the first half it still doesn’t justify him being rated much higher.
    20 – Pic: wouldn’t miss him if he left to be frank.
    21 – Van Der Garde: another contender for most improved, but a repeat of my Gutierrez comment.
    22 – Chilton: credit to him for his consistency, but that’s usually because he was going too slow to crash into anyone or anything. He still managed to complete less laps than Vettel despite the latter having a retirement.


    For me it looks hard to classify the 22 drivers, especially when some of them didn’t shine so much respect to others.
    Let’s see:
    1. Sebastian Vettel: He was 1st even before the tyre blows in Silverstone, and has been flawless all the second part. Beat his teammate so hard as to answer to all the “only the car” critics.
    2. Nico Hulkenberg: That’s one driver I’ve become fan of, He has shown being superior to the adversity and impressed in the second half, especially in Korea and Italy.
    3. Nico Rosberg: Even in Malaysia he could have challenged Webber and maybe Vettel if it weren’t for team orders. “Beat” Hamilton 2 victories to one, and his retirements were almost all the time due to car failure and not his.
    4. Romain Grosjean: In the second part of the eason he showed hard work is the key. He was the only non-RedBull to challenge for victory (especially in Japan) and beat Kimi more often than not in the 2nd part of the season.
    5. Fernando Alonso: Started the year with 2 victories, it looked like he would finally materialize a total challenge to Vettel, but in the second part of the year it became evident that his quali needs more work, especially when usually-downplayed Massa got better qualis pretty often. His recovery is always great, but I fear the age is starting to knock his door.
    6. Kimi Raikkonen: Started with a victory and then was often consistent, but gradually started to fade (but who can blame him if motivation – money – lacked all year) against his teammate. Internal problems in the team made him quit, even when he could have still fought for 2nd in the WDC.
    7. Lewis Hamilton: Benefitted from Kimi not running the final 2 races to clinch 4th: It would be illogical from me to ask him be WDC in the Mercedes (not yet) but I thought he was ready for 2nd step. Always impressive in Hungary though. Needs less media-concern and more hard work.
    8. Esteban Gutierrez: He showed that he could get points when the machine helps to deliver. One of the best overtakers of the year (at the beginning it wasn’t so obvious because recovering from 20th to 14th doesn’t award you points) but a real promise for the future.
    9. Jenson Button: Even when he extracted the most of the terrible MP4-28, he lacked pace many times. Became just slightly better than Perez, but didn’t impress (and Perez beat him in quali).
    10. Mark Webber: Yes, he is 3rd in the constructors, but not winning a single race this year makes me think that he chose the right moment to leave F1. Challenged Vettel in some qualis, but his starts are just “usually” terrible.
    11. Felipe Massa: Started the year in promising form, but Alonso smashed him again. At least he could impress in some qualis this time.
    The rest later


    12. Sergio Perez: Good, but failed to keep his seat
    13. Paul DiResta: Beat his teammate but nothing special
    14. Daniel Ricciardo: Got the Red Bull seat but didn’t smash his teammate as it should beto get that promotion.
    15. Valteri Bottas: Beat his teammate and has a promising next year.
    16. Adrian Sutil: To be a veteran, he failed to beat Paul, which is not as if he had to beat a World Champion.
    17. Jean Eric Vergne: Crumbled after RedBull decision to hire Daniel.
    18. Jules Bianchi: The best of the backmarkers, secured 10th for his team
    19. Pastor Maldonado: Just a point and always blaming the world, “never his fault”. So bad he gets the budget to stay in F1.
    20. Charles Pic: good in what he can do with that car, but he should have delivered more because he is not a rookie.
    21. Giedo Van der Garde: Does it really take effort to beat blue-flags Chilton?
    22. Max Chilton: Finished all races, but driving so slow… he should get the Safety Car drive next year.
    23. Heikki Kovalainen: Always overhyped, he failed to get on terms with the reliable Lotus.


    Based on grades I kept (loosely) during the season:

    1. Sebastian Vettel – Not a perfect season, as it got off to a somewhat rocky start, but having 3 non-podium finishes of which one was a mechanical DNF, it came pretty close. 9 victories in a row is a massive testament to that.
    2. Fernando Alonso – Looked less impressive this season than in 2012, but had a worse car after Singapore as well. Held on to 2nd by a good margin and despite being the talk of town for a while, kept his head cool and kept out of trouble. Malaysia and Bahrain cost him a ton of points and were partially his own fault for not going safe.
    3. Kimi Raikkonen – Did his usual best, but looked to be nowhere in Monaco and Canada. India was another weird one, but generally he too did what was expected and more.
    4. Lewis Hamilton – Again, I was one of those who expected him to fail at Mercedes, and was happily proven wrong. His performances were good to great – if he felt like it. He is still too emotional and had some bad moves on Bottas in the final race, as well as panicked radio messages throughout the season.
    5. Nico Rosberg – Showed he didn’t luck into beating Schumacher for 3 seasons by keeping up with Hamilton and winning more races. His lows are less easy to explain and he seemingly fell off the pace in races a few times.
    6. Romain Grosjean – His late season surge was impressive, but doesn’t completely wipe away the fact he was nowhere until Germany, despite his podium in Bahrain. Still, he showed his true pace and ability, for which I thank him.
    7. Nico Hulkenberg – Another driver who ended his season on a high, but didn’t look all that impressive early in the season. Had a few shoddy moments earlier in the season, but impressed when the Sauber came alive. He somewhat reminds me of Alonso in Renault before 2005. He just needs that winning car.
    8. Mark Webber – A generally poor season, apart from his poles and the 4 podiums in the last 5 races. I’m sad to see him leave, but perhaps not so sad as seeing him finish outside of the top 6 while Seb wins.
    9. Felipe Massa – Didn’t think I’d ever put him in a top 10! But he had another inconsistent season, but his highs were much higher this year. It’s a shame he had to cross the line in Brazil, it would have been a much more rewarding finish to his season.
    10. Jenson Button – Didn’t impress in a bad car and outqualified too often. Still, did better than his midfield seasons in the past and never lost his cool at the team.
    11. Sergio Perez – Not good, not bad. Didn’t deliver on his early/mid 2012 promise and had some poor driving throughout the season. Still, wasn’t too far behind Button in the races.
    12. Daniel Ricciardo – Perhaps not good enough to warrant a seat at the best team, but did good in qualy and the races, kept out of trouble and did what he could with another poor Toro Rosso.
    13. Jean Eric Vergne – Lost his edge in the races over Ricciardo and never really impressed. Still, nothing particularly bad to note either.
    14. Paul di Resta – Wanted to place him lower, but rationally couldn’t. He had a great first half, then went on to score consecutive DNFs, some of which were completely his own fault. That must have hurt his image and shots at a 2014 seat, but also stained his season.
    15. Adrian Sutil – Another driver who impresses me so little, I couldn’t find something in a thesaurus. Never impressed, didn’t this season and lost out to Di Resta despite his crashes. Particularly out of sight when Di Resta did well and his USGP was a disaster. Actively causing problems for young drivers by just being there in F1.
    16. Giedo van der Garde – Had his low in Canada, but shone in Monaco and Spa qualifying and the starts, often taking Bottas and sometimes a Toro Rosso and Maldonado. The best of the backmarkers in many sessions, perhaps the most unexpected performance of the year. Well done.
    17. Jules Bianchi – Perhaps the fastest of the rookies, he simply wasn’t able to show it after Malaysia, except for the USGP and Brazil. Another well done.
    18. Valtteri Bottas – A terrible Williams doesn’t help, but apart from a handful of excellent performances, he looked a little out of his depth battling cars and positioning himself on the track. Talented, but it didn’t shine through this season.
    19. Esteban Gutierrez – Looked to had really turned his season around during the SIN-KOR-JAP rounds, but then faded into oblivion again. Largely unimpressive and his shunts in the early season left him in such a low position in my rankings.
    20. Charles Pic – Eh?
    21. Pastor Maldonado – Was lucky Hulkenberg sped in the pit at Hungary, otherwise he had 0 points to show for his final Williams season. Still a participant in too many shunts, accidents and questionable moves and no win or pole to show this season. Where is the guy who qualified 4th sometimes in 2012?
    22. Max Chilton – Finishing every race, but not completing more laps than a guy like Button, who retired early on in the 55 lap Abu Dhabi GP is pretty telling of his performances. Looked closer to Bianchi in the final stage of the season in qualifying, but still out-raced.

    DNQ – Heikki Kovalainen – 2 races in a Lotus, after seasons of Caterham and not racing this season was never going to set the world on fire. Didn’t deliver on his promise, but really, could he?


    1. Hulkenberg – showed us something I’ve been waiting to see for the last 3 seasons….. sucessful defensive driving. The lost art of formula 1, giving me hope that maybe, just maybe….. everything is going to be O.K.

    2. Grogean – A refreshing sight, a (relatively) fresh faced driver mixing it with the old guard at the front. Much improved, and something ive been expecting for a while now.

    Im glad to see new faces towards the front as the driver market in f1 is starting to smell a bit like a retirement home to me. Flush out all the old rubbish and freshen the place up a bit. I don’t remember that many mediocre drivers sticking around that long in the 90’s. The massa’s, buttons, webbers, di resta’s, sutil’s, maldonado’s, etc would have all been long out the door in searc of better talent (or be driving a minardi, simtek or arrows like diniz or katayama)

    3 – nobody, bored of everyone pussyfooting around the tyres, not overtaking until drs zones and being micro managed by the pit robots.

    4 – marc marquez – won the moto gp in his rookie season above some exceptional talent…. I digress.


    3 – nobody, bored of everyone pussyfooting around the tyres, not overtaking until drs zones and being micro managed by the pit robots.

    @mike-e I’m really not sure why you’d bother to 1 – Look at this forum and 2 – write that dribble…

    As for my contribution:
    1. Vettel – He quite easily could have been frustrated early on in the season when it wasn’t going RBR’s way, but he showed maturity beyond his years to win this years championship. Given that his teammate didn’t finish 2nd in the championship, its easy to forget the effort Vettel put into the season.

    2. Alonso – As per last year, I believe that Fernando is probably the best driver in the field. This year he had an noncompetitive car, yet he still managed to wrestle the Ferrari and fight for the championship. His win in China was a great response after his DNF in Malaysia.

    3. Hulkenburg – Can one of the top teams give this kid a drive please? So much will be said of his amazing defensive driving skills. However, his ability to qualify consistently in Q3 at the end of the season, as well as race consistently to give Sauber 51 of its 57 points will be why I like him so much.

    4. Raikkonen – A 5th place in the championship table doesn’t tell the whole story for his 2013 effort. With 2 races to go, Raikkonen was ahead on points of Webber and Hamilton, and sitting 3rd in the standings. No matter what you think of the Finish driver, he does have talent and won the opening race in Melbourne.

    5. Hamilton – I found it difficult to rank Hamilton for this year, there were some races where he looked 2nd best to his teammate, and looked like he had no reply to him, however, when Lewis was on it, he was pretty damn good. I think that Hamilton had a transitional season, moving to Mercedes and trying to establish himself within the team. 2014 will be very interesting as Rosberg is a tough nut to crack.

    6. Grosjean – I was harsh on Grosjean last year, however, must say that he has greatly surprised me in the latter half of 2013, and I can say that his raw talent is starting to mature into a great driver.

    7. Rosberg – I don’t believe 7th is the right ranking for Rosberg, he should be higher, but he always slips under the radar for me, and I think he continues to do so. He kept Schumacher honest and this year has been a match for Hamilton as well. One reason why I find it so hard to rate Rosberg, is good results don’t seem come for him, despite his 2 victories this year. I am very confused about Rosberg’s performance.

    8. Webber – At no stage was Webber winning the team mate battle between Vettel and himself in 2013. I truly believe that Webber has been beaten by his german teammate and the internal politics that erupted after the Malaysian GP got the better of the aussie. From that moment on, Webber was a shattered shell of his former self. I rate Webber as a good driver, but I think 2013 was a substandard performance.

    9. Ricciardo – For me, Ricciardo was the 2nd best of the non-top drivers. Very little separates him from Vergne, however, his qualifying performances in 2013 were stunning. Making it numerous times to Q3 where JEV hasn’t. As such, Ricciardo has been given the #2 drive for RBR in 2014. It will be interesting to see where he ends up next year.

    10. Massa – Disappointing season for Massa, the only show of any urgency and fight from the Ferrari driver came after the scarlet team announced that they dropped him for 2014. To me, I think Massa has sat on his laurels for too long and has fallen victim to complacency.

    11. Vergne – I am not entirely happy with ranking Vergne behind Massa, however, I had to slot the Ferrari #2 ahead of JEV because ultimately Massa was consistently scoring points, where JEV was anything but consistent. However, on his good days was better than his teammate and often made up the deficit of qualifying behind Ricciardo and either sitting on his gearbox or ahead of him.

    12. Bottas – I like this finish kid, he definitely has potential and with enough time I think will be a world champion. His season was up and down, mainly due to inexperience, but in no way helped by the car he had. I ranked him as high as 11th by looking beyond his rookie mistakes and seeing that his performances often pushed and outpaced Maldonado who is considered to be a quick driver.

    13. Perez – I ranked Perez ahead of Button because of his determination to push the McLaren beyond its limits, especially early on in the season when the team were really struggling to get on top of the car.

    14. Bianchi – I’m blown away by the talent of this guy, not only does he comprehensively beat his team mate, but he also gives the Caterham guys a fight, and sometimes even the cars ahead of them too. I think Bianchi is the next Alonso, whom started out in Minardi in similar style.

    15. Button – McLaren had a poor season and I my main criticism of Button is his complete inability to drive a car that isn’t balanced to his liking. Don’t get me wrong, all drivers would struggle with the massive mistake of running suspension incorrectly fitted in off-season testing and then try and regain those testing miles during a racing season. However, early on Perez showed he could make more of that situation than Button. Only when Button had a car that was predictable and one that met his needs, could he put the foot down.

    16. Gutierrez – 1st season for this youngster, and found himself many times outclassed by his more experienced German teammate. I didn’t see anything special about Gutierrez, however, I didn’t see anything fundamentally wrong either, he was a rookie who had a rough initiation to F1.

    17. Sutil – I expected better from this experienced mid-field driver, and although early signs pointed to FI having built a solid package, Sutil wasn’t really able to deliver and by the end of the season often was just a foot note to races.

    18. di Resta – I do believe that Paul has some real raw talent, and I do believe that on his day he can outclass almost the entire field, however, in 2013 he spent more time whinging about his crew, his car, his pit wall, and his life than he did in driving the car in anger. While I don’t think that whinging is something to rate a driver upon normally, in this case, the whinging was a look into mindset and showed that he wasn’t thinking about how to work with his team to get the most out of the car. Upon reflection, I think Paul will think that 2013 will be a year to forget, some drivers learn from their experiences and I think that Paul might just do that.

    19. Maldonado – He won a race in 2012…. That statement boggles the mind when you consider how poor he has been in 2013. I’m not suggesting that the Williams was a race winning car, however, Maldonado came away from 2013 with 1 point in the championship, outscored by his rookie teammate. Money talks and Lotus have picked him up for 2014, go figure.

    20. Pic – Its hard for me to rank the last couple of positions because so little is known as all the media, coverage and information that we get about the likes of RBR, Ferrari and Mercedes is far more in depth than of the back of the grid contenders that we only tend to see exceptional performances. For me I think Pic was more consistent than Guido and that is why he is ahead.

    21. van der Garde – Due to his lack of consistency and his absolutely appalling start to the season where he was off left, right and centre earned him 21st in my rankings.

    22. Chilton – Max was consistent, that is for sure, however, I don’t think anyone wants to be consistently last in an F1 race. Nuff said.

    Loup Garou

    1. Vettel: Might have had the best car but judging by the level of his dominance, it certainly was not just the car. In the second part of the season, he was on a different planet.
    2. Rosberg: Did his best to match Hamilton and came-up with at least even honours. I think he might go a step further in 2014.
    3. Grosjean: Considering his past misdemeanours, had a disciplined and successful season.
    4. Hulkenberg: Showed everyone that he is a major talent – but to little purpose it would seem.
    5. Alonso: After a good start, I do not believe that he achieved the best results he could have done out of that Ferrari and I do NOT believe that the tyre change was entirely to blame.
    6. Raikkonen: Again, after a great start to the season, he seemed to drift off a bit but in his case, at least it is understandable, considering that he was not being paid.
    7. Hamilton: Had a strangely on-off season and there were times that he appeared not to be fully focussed on the job. The contradicting and often ridiculous media comments did not help.
    8. Webber: Despite occasional brief spurts of fine driving, it was altogether a lacklustre performance through the year. I have to agree with Vettel that he really did not deserve to win in Malaysia.
    9. Perez: Showed some spirit here and there and was able to match his more illustrious teammate several times but also showed a tendency to make mistakes.
    10. Button: It was clear that the uncompetitive McLaren was not suiting Button’s driving style one bit, but he should have adapted and produced better results IMO.
    11. Gutiettez: Showed flashes of brilliance and could be a name to consider in the future.
    12. Massa: Disappointing as the season progressed. I expected him to take the fight to his teammate after it was announced that he would be leaving Ferrari.
    13. Bottas: Took his time settling and the uncompetitive Williams did not help, but this Finn has potential.
    14. Ricciardo: Tried to make the best use of every opportunity to justify his promotion for the next season. It did not always come off, but this guy is a trier – I’ll give him that.
    14. Vergne: Actually I rate him higher than Ricciardo as a driver but he did not do anything this year to justify that belief.
    15. Bianchi: He certainly has talent but I’ll wait a bit longer to be convinced that he can mix it at higher levels. Maybe the next season.
    16/17: Sutil / Di Resta: Tie between teammates. Both had good and bad moments. At least Sutil knows that he will never reach the top but Di Resta has too much of a chip on his shoulder.
    18. Van der Garde: Despite the occasional good performance, he lacked consistency and showed too much tendency for unforced errors.
    19. Chilton: A Nice guy and consistent, even if it was at the wrong end. With a better car and some confidence-boosting mentor, he might achieve better results.
    20. Maldonado: A thug who bought his way into F1, mananged a flukey win last year but nevertheless a disgrace to the sport IMO.


    1. Sebastian Vettel
    2. Nico Hulkenberg
    3. Fernando Alonso
    4. Kimi Raikkonen
    5. Nico Rosberg
    6. Lewis Hamilton
    7. Romain Grosjean
    8. Mark Webber
    9. Jenson Button
    10. Felipe Massa
    11. Sergio Perez
    12. Daniel Ricciardo
    13. Paul di Resta
    14. Valtteri Bottas
    15. Adrian Sutil
    16. Jules Bianchi
    17. Giedo van der Garde
    18. Jean-Eric Vergne
    19. Charles Pic
    20. Esteban Gutierrez
    21. Pastor Maldonado
    22. Max Chilton


    I’ll post about a driver or two every now and then, in no particular order.

    Vettel – Nearly a perfect season. When the car wasn’t capable of winning, he always managed to finish in the top four. I can’t think of a single mistake in the season. He was clinical, clever and efficient in wheel-to-wheel (lap one in Bahrain comes to mind). Even with the best car, winning nine consecutive Grands Prix is far from easy. I honestly don’t see how anyone on the grid could have beaten him in the same car this year.

    Bottas – Better in qualifying than his quick team mate, and he showed what he’s made of with a great performance in Montreal. Neither of his two retirements were his fault. Showed his character and mentality by not getting frustrated by a poor car, but rather kept faith in the team and kept working hard. Very, very impressive rookie season.

    Ritvik Vinodkumar

    1. Vettel – Was a class apart across the whole season. Made very few mistakes, dominated a multiple race winner in the other car and broke all kinds of records. His only “off races” were in hungary and spain. When his car was dominant he shattered the record books, and when it wasnt, he still managed a healthy lead in the standings through incredible consistency. If people still dont think he is an all time great after a season like this, I have no idea what will.
    2. Alonso – This season might have been a levek down from 2012. But that is something very difficult to replicate again and not fair to judge based on that. He managed to finish second with a slightly inferior car, and consistenly beat his teammate again. He even lost a potential win in bahrain due to no fault of his own and produced an excellent weekend in austin despite back problems. But, Qualifying was his achiless heel, and had a few weekends where he as not in the game. He made an uncharacteristic error in malaysia and didnt make the most out of his car when it was at its best.
    3. Hulkenburg – Marked himself as one of the big boys. When the car was slow at the start of the season, he still managed to drag the car to places it should not have been in. He passed a string of cars in the early wet laps in malaysia, showing his flair in those conditions, lead the race in china ahead of faster cars on the sane strategy, and missed out on q3 by very narrow margins more often than not. When the car came alive, he showed his worth, by starting to fight at the front of the grid with the world champions. Once again he showed his ability to defend, more special now in the drs era.

    Ill do the rest later.


    Up to now, a total of 43 f1fanatics attempted a ranking of some sort, with 36 trying to rank all drivers (2 of them forgetting Charles Pic in their lists!). Here is the average ranking as it stands now. In brackets, I put the mode (most mentioned position for each driver). After the ranking, some interesting stats:

    1. VET 1,02 (1)

    2. ALO 3,02 (2)
    3. HUL 3,65 (2)
    4. RAI 4,18 (3)

    5. HAM 5,40 (5)
    6. ROS 5,43 (6)
    7. GRO 5,79 (7)

    8. WEB 8,28 (8)

    9. BUT 9,29 (9)

    10. RIC 11,06 (10)
    11. PER 11,94 (12)
    12. MAS 12,28 (13)
    13. BOT 13,05 (15)
    14. DIR 13,14 (15)
    15. BIA 14,08 (14)

    16. SUT 15,58 (17)
    17. VER 16,40 (17)

    18. GUT 18,39 (19)
    19. MAL 19,25 (19)
    20. VDG 19,33 (21)
    21. PIC 20,32 (20)

    22. CHI 21,64 (22)

    Heikki was ranked 7 times, with an average of 21,43.

    The lowest standard deviation was obviously Vettel, meaning that most people put the same thing. Charles Pic had the second lowest standard deviation, followed by Max Chilton and Fernando Alonso. So with these, people seemed to have pretty similar views.
    High standard deviation means that people had very diverse views, this year of these drivers performances: Esteban Gutierrez (with a STD DEV of almost 3 ranking positions, one could view as at an average ranking position difference), Jules Bianchi, Mark Webber, Valtteri Bottas and Paul Di Resta divided opinion quite a lot; Dan Ricciardo is also worth mentioning here, with a STD DEV of over 2 ranking positions.

    The most firm ranking positions are as follows (based on stat analysis):
    1 – Vettel
    8 – Webber
    9 – Button

    The closest fights are for 5th place (Hamilton vs Rosberg), for 13th (Bottas vs Di Resta), for 19th (Maldonado vs Van der Garde), for 11th (Perez vs Massa) and for 6th (Rosberg vs Grosjean).

    Grosjean has at least 7th place guaranteed, even more than Vettel will end of first. Vergne will finish no lower than 17th, Button no lower than 9th and Bianchi no lower than 15th.


    1. VET
    2. ALO
    3. RAI
    4. HUL
    5. HAM
    6. ROS
    7. GRO
    8. DIR
    9. RIC
    10. BUT
    11. MAS
    12. PER
    13. WEB
    14. BOT
    15. SUT
    16. VER
    17. BIA
    18. VDG
    19. PIC
    20. MAL
    21. GUT
    22. CHI


    Great job on the statistics, @magon4 !!! Keep it up..:)


    Grosjean – Started the season a bit off the pace as he was struggling with the car, and Monaco was a terrible weekend. But in the second part of the year he managed to show what he’s made of. He was Red Bull’s main challenger in the last few races and had some amazing drives, most notably in Austin. A first win is now overdue.

    Pic – Another rather anonymous season. Not a bad year, but he hadn’t had a standout performance (only driver not to make Q2 all year). With so many talented youngsters knocking on F1’s door, I don’t think he’s done enough to stay in F1.

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