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    Cape Town Circuit

    7.17 km, anti-clockwise, 24 turns.

    Marco Freire

    Oh- the deadline is Monday midnight Greenwich time (Sunday night)



    5.7858km circuit, anti-clockwise, 24 corners (though a lot of these are flat out curves on a straight rather than actual corners, it’s more like 20/21 actual corners).

    So T1 would be the quick left hand sweep. The start line would be only 100 meters before it so the cars wont be going very fast through it. T2 follows after quite a long straight. T2 is a little bit of an odd corner. It’s relatively fast for a first proper corner. It’s quite open, but it should be okay. There is also quite a lot of room for run off so it should be okay on safety grounds too. T3 follows after this, a bog standard 90 degree left hander (the only way really to go). Straight after than is T4, a kink to the right which hopefully makes putting the power down difficult with the change of direction. T5 also follows quickly, a left hand hairpin, which would be quite tight. After this, there is a short run to what would be T6, a slight curve on a straight. There is then a run down to T7.

    T7 is another curve on the straight, and doesn’t really qualify as a corner, but given that it is a curve, for me, it’s always better to see a car going fast through a slight curve than just driving down a straight. There is then a 450m run from here to the next corner. T8,9 is a different complex that isn’t really seen in F1, with the cars actually following around a roundabout. T8 is quite a shallow corner, but because the next corner is quite tight in T9 it works. T9 is definitely an interesting corner. The drivers would definitely have to balance the throttle through the corner because of how long and tight it is. Drivers then on the exit have about a 300m straight to T10,11,12 complex. This is quite a quick left right left sweeping chicane, and should be really good to watch the cars through. A 250m straight follows after this leading down to T13. T13 is another boring right, but it would profiled as such that it wouldn’t be that sharp and would be opened up a little bit. There is then about a 300m straight down to T14. T14 would be a difficult corner to get right. You couldn’t take it too fast for fear of ruining the next corner, and also it would be deceptively tight. It looks quite open but in reality it would be shorter than it looks. Following straight after T14 is the T15,16 chicane. I really wanted to include this section of the circuit because it’s relatively technical. The left right chicane would be a bit of a challenge as the cars wouldn’t be going super fast, so it would throw up few different lines and speeds through it.

    T17 comes next, a left handed 90 degree again, and once again it would be profiled so it was more open (although here there is less room to be able to make that happen). A short straight follows and leads to T18,19 a relatively quick left hander followed by a quick right handed kink. This then leads into a short straight to T20. T20 is again another not super exciting but necessary corner. However, because it is a 90, cars should be able to follow relatively close, which should mean overtaking at the end of the curved straight. T21 happens to be the curve in said straight. The full curve straight is about 1km long. T22 is the corner at the end, quite a fast, though not all that fast left handed sweeper. Because of the speeds being traveled at, cars would have to definitely brake quite a lot. This, along with the length of the straight should be a good overtaking place. It’s also probably the one corner which would be a bit of a safety concern, given it is inside, but protection could be put up. Following after that is the final complex in T23,24, quite a slow right left chicane. It would be quite a tricky corner to get right. It has the potential to be made a little shallower.

    Jeremy Daston


    I stole the location of where Phil has done his. Anyway, it’s a 7.38km circuit, 33 corners but similar to Phil there are a lot of corners which aren’t really corners, and it is anti-clockwise.


    I just opened this thread, read the rules and went to making a track, now I’ve checked in and seen other entries and it looks like great minds think alike ahaha


    Below is take 2, my official entry, so I seem a bit more original lol

    Tygerberg Valley Autodrome

    7.37 km
    17 corners
    Anti clockwise


    Judging from the nearby streetview and the OpenCycle map, there seems to be big amounts of elevation changes, combined with the fast sweeping corners it should provide quite a challenge for the drivers!

    Marco Freire

    OK- all the entrants decided to make circuits near Cape Town- which, having been to South Africa many times (including Cape Town) I can say it is with its ample sunshine a wonderful city during it’s summer season- dry heat, 27C (80f) temperatures- even though it can be a bit dangerous. But back to the topic at hand- the winner is with his excellent street circuit.

    Over to you, Jeremy!

    Jeremy Daston

    Thanks, Marco! I’d love to see races on any of the submitted tracks, I thought that all would either work or just be that bit crazy enough to be fun.

    So my challenge is actually going to be a Formula E circuit design challenge. With the 4th round just gone by, there are still 5 tracks left to race on. 3 out of these 5 tracks layouts are known, however the final two are not. I was originally going to make this a task to design one of those two circuits, but to open it up a little you can design a circuit for Miami as well considering it’s the next round.
    So rules:

    -Circuit must be in London, Berlin or Miami.
    -Circuit length must be between 2-3.5km.
    -Circuit must have no straight longer than 700m.
    -Circuit must feature less than or equal to 3 chicanes at most.

    Go! Deadline will be sometime over the weekend! :)

    Jeremy Daston

    Also, I forgot to say. The circuit should be as close to the city center as possible, so don’t stray too far away from it. Sorry :)

    Marco Freire

    Miami Beach Street Circuit

    Length: 2.21 mi (3.57 km)


    Miami is quite a colorful city- and Miami Beach is the center of the city’s nightlife, close to the center of Miami itself. Miami itself is actually quite small; there are a lot of towns and cities that make that area as expansive as it is. This clockwise street circuit has a good mixture of corners- fast, slow, and medium.



    London Street Circuit

    Anti-Clockwise, 11 corners, 2.5784km

    I was originally going to do a circuit around the Olympic Park as I think it would work well with FE, but I’ve done so many different circuits around there I thought I’d just try something different.

    Anyway, the circuit is relatively simple, as I think all FE circuits are. I’d like to think it would produce some good racing and some nice shots of the cars going through some of the high speed corners.


    my circuit

    Coming in at just under 3.5km, it takes in a slightly different part of London

    ching ho


    3.2km circuit, rotating anti-clockwise around the centre of Berlin. Starts outside the location of the former Fuhrerbunker. Widens to a sweeping left turn which tightens. A series of tightening right turns follows, and the track opens up to a short straight, heading towards a series of fast turns. A chicane is used to slow cars down as they dash through Brandenburg Gate, turning left, back to the pit straight.

    Jeremy Daston

    @chingh Going to give this one to you. All were very good designs, but I think that your circuit has just that bit of everything. Also bonus points for taking on Berlin because I think it was probably the hardest to do. I especially love the fact that the Brandenburg Gate is used, and I really like the section through the octagon shaped area. Good stuff. Over to you!

    ching ho

    Thank you, Mr.Daston. Now, let us cast our eyes back to the epic circuit that is nearly celebrating its 100th anniversary – AVUS. The tracks hugely exaggerated proportions including a 45° banked turn, are rarely seen today amongst the numerous tilkedromes. Hence, I was saddened when it was replaced in 1999 by the lausitzring. Your task is as follows:
    Create a modern day, twistier version of the AVUS circuit that emphasizes both straight line speed and high downforce. The track may be built anywhere in the world. The track must have a 4 kilometer long straight, as well as a long banked curve. The maximum track length is 15 kilometers. Bonus points for putting the straight on a highway.

    Please submit entries within one week from now. Have fun!


    I decided that the road home for me would make a good track. So, here it is: The Grand Prix of Scotland. http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6515978

    The complex at the bottom left of the circuit makes the paddock/start finish complex, and exiting that area to the left on the roundabout takes us onto the Edinburgh to Glasgow Road: the A8/M8. Only one carriageway is closed, so perhaps this isn’t totally pie in the sky!. The stretch on the motorway ends by heading up the sliproad, which turns into a tight left hairpin, built to have banking of 45 degrees to keep the speed of the cars up as they head down the purpose built section. Now, onto the sliproad the wrong way for the rest of the street section. Tight, high speed curves, this would be the Scottish version of the TT. It clocks in at 14.98km.

    I know this isn’t realistic or plausible, but I can dream!

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