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    mark adams

    Mid ohio raceway

    The pits are next to the the start finish line.



    Fuji Speedway
    5.8 km
    15 corners
    Original pitlane


    Fuji Speedway has been criticized for its most recent facelift, being labeled a boring stop-start circuit with many of the iconic sections of the track being removed or modified to become dull compared to the original.
    2015 provides a chance for some renovations, with this the circuit was looking to revert back to its original sweeping high speed characteristics.

    In sector one we come down the slightly shortened straight toward turn 1, which shoots 90 degrees off toward the right, next is the first of the sweepers, a tighter right rand corner which is followed by a long left and right sweeper as we cross in to the second sector after the 2km mark.
    We’re welcomed with a reprofiled left hander which has become much more open and again a left and right hand sweeping s-bend follows. Down a short straight drivers must commit to the high speed right hander and then another short straight, then every thing slows down toward the end of the lap in sector 3. We rejoin the previous section of the course but in reverse, going through the hairpin and then picking up pace through the 3 left handers which dip and then rise up toward the last corner, a hairpin leading on the the main straight.

    Jeremy Daston


    3.854km, 15 corners clockwise circuit. I have redesigned Sonoma Raceway.

    Marco Freire


    Indianapolis Speedway road circuit re-design

    3.5 mi (5.7 km), Clockwise



    Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
    4.06 km


    I’m back! Here’s my quick NOLA motorsports Park design:


    5.44km, clockwise, 14 turns. Uses the existing pits.

    I may update this later with a refined version

    ching ho


    6.4km around Fuji. 21 turns.
    Aimed to kill the front left tire.

    Starts with a slight left kink, into a long right hander, quickly followed by a left hairpin. Track opens into a long tightening right, then a short straight, followed by a left kink into 100R. A quick left turn leads to a gradually tightening 300R. The track climbs uphill, into a corkscrew-like chicane, followed by a long right turn. A Suzuka-style hairpin follows, then a downhill banked right hander into a long left hand turn under the track. Panasonic corner opens the track back out to the long pit straight.


    Wow, a lot of submissions again. I like that. With that came some very good designs, but in the end I was able to cut it down to 3. Those were @pezlo2013 @juicedtin and @toti . In the end though, I had to give it to @toti, so congratulations. Over to you!


    Thanks @philereid!

    Next challange is to redesign Charade circuit in France.

    -design a 6-8.5 km long circuit
    -the circuit must be safety as far as possible – look to the rifts!
    -design a pit lane with safety entry and exit
    -don’t demolish town houses


    @sam3110 (and all):

    I thought to the original circuit – but it is also a good solution.



    8.2094km, clockwise, 47 corners.

    I’ve kept the start/finish straight in the same place, but extended it just enough for it to be good for F1. I think it’s still the shortest start/finish of the calendar but I think it works. I think that maybe the pits would need to be extended so the exit is around T1 for extra length.

    Okay, so T1 is fairly standard. It isn’t super tight but the cars should theoretically be quite bunched up on the first run down to it so that’s why. There is then a short run to T2,3,4, using part of the already existing (‘newer’ circuit I think) to create a 3 part chicane, right-left-right. There is then a short run up to T5,6,7, a Le Combes style section, albeit slightly tighter. There is then a long curve/straight which includes T8 and 9 on it. This curve/straight is just over 1km long. It ends at T10, a fairly open 90 degree right, similar to those at Hungary. T11 follows, a corner that starts tight and then opens up as it exits. There is then a short run to T12, another fairly open 90 right, where the circuit starts to follow its old route for a bit. T13,14 is a quick, potentially flat out, chicane. T15 follows, and is a quick sweep to the left, followed again quickly by T16, another sweep but this time to the right. T17 comes next, and is quite a quick and relatively long left handed sweep. T13,17 create quite a nice combination of corners.

    T18,19 comes next, a relatively quick chicane added to slow the cars down for the next bit, which would have been far too dangerous otherwise. T20 and T21 are two small curves on what is essentially a straight, even though it’s a short one. T22 is a quick flat out small sweep right, but enters what could be quite a tricky part of the circuit, as the cars would have to flick back across quickly for T23, and then also T24 back the other way and then finally T25, about an 80 degree open corner to the left. The section could be quite tricky as you would be braking whilst turning. T26 follows, about a 100 degree corner which should test the cars turn in ability, as should the previous corner, as well as how good they are on traction. T27,28 come quick next, a chicane that gets tighter on exit. The first part is quite open, but cars would need to switch back to the outside quickly to open up T28. There is then a short run to T29, what should be a quite fast, quite tricky, almost a sweeping kink type corner, to the right. T30 is next, after another short run, and is a very quick sweeper to the left, and then T31 arrives, which is essentially a curve on a straight, but much longer than most, a nice sweeper again to the right. That section of corners should be quite fast and a lot of fun to drive. There is then another short run up to T32,33, a very tight and quite slow chicane.

    There is then a short curve/straight (which includes T34) to T35, A nice long sweeping corner to the right, which enters T36 and T37, creating a similar complex to that of T2,3,4, but this time it’s longer, and the middle corner is tighter. The cars then exit to T38 after a tiny run down to it. T38 should be the slowest corner on the circuit. It is an open radius hairpin that will test front end grip and rear grip on exit. T39 comes straight away afterwards, a corner which is almost identical to the final corner at Hungary. T40,41 follows, with T40 being a long sweep to the right, and then T41 also being a sweep, but a shorter, tighter one than T40 and to the left. A short run down to T42 is next. T42 is another sweeping quick corner, a is exactly the same as the corner that was already there, although can be taken faster now as there is a straight after it instead of a corner. Another short run follows T42 and arrives at T43, another open radius 90 to the right again similar to some of the Hungary corners. T44 is next, easily the longest corner of the circuit, a corner which is potentially flat, but angles all the way around to be about 130,140 degrees. T45 is next, another very quick and quite long sweep right followed quickly by T46 a quick sweep/kink left (which should be an exciting complex of corners) only to quickly hit T47 and the final corner, quite a sharp hairpin to end the lap.

    And that’s the lap.


    Track itself is 6.995 KM. Pitlane on the inside.


    Lots of wide corners, with a couple of tighter ones. I count 27 corners, with a fair number of full throttle sections. Quite some elevation changes, but I think I’ve managed to avoid any spectacular drops or increases.

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