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    @vmaxmuffin Going to give this one to you! Very nice Formula E track. Really like the variety of corners on the circuit and I think all would work very well with the Formula E cars.

    I did really like yours and it was very difficult for me to choose between them both.


    Thanks @philereid!

    So my next challenge is quite a simple one. Recently, Tailem Bend Motorsport Park in South Australia has changed hands, and the new owners are developing the basic, run-down facility into a modern motorsport complex – rebranded as SA Motorsport Park (although this is still supposed to be a temporary name). The existing drag strip will be converted to a run way/VMax course (VMax = maximum velocity, not my name as some think…), the drift circuit will be expanded, a new competition drag strip is being built, the existing rally courses are being expanded, a go kart track is being built, a hotel is also being built, and finally, the centrepiece: A brand new 7.2km race track. You can have a look at the plans here.

    Your challenge is to design the new circuit. It has already been designed, as you can see on their website, however for the purposes of the challenge assume it has not been. You may use this area.

    1. A long circuit suitable for endurance racing, minimum length of 6.0km
    2. 2 shorter circuits that can operate independently from each other (i.e. a north/south, or east/west circuits) each with their own pit lane (one can use the full circuit’s pit lane). These don’t necessarily have to be drawn in – a full circuit on its own is sufficient – but you must at least describe where the division is (e.g. “the north circuit leaves the full circuit at turn 4 and rejoins at turn 15”)
    3. You may include more layout options if you desire, e.g. a “national circuit”, but this is optional
    4. The full circuit’s pit lane should be a minimum of 300m in length (referring to the straight section where the garages are)
    5. There should be enough room for run off (within the boundary indicated) for top-level motorsport (F1, WEC, MotoGP etc.)

    That’s all, have fun!



    6.813 km and run Counter-clockwise.

    The first shorter circuit leaves after turn 7 and rejoins the track at turn 19 (the last one) while the second one’s pits are between the 4 and 5km mark (turns 13 and 14) and leaves the track at turn 17 to rejoin at turn 10


    North Circuit departs the full circuit halfway around the LONG corner in Turn 5, and rejoins the circuit on the back straight with a more flowing 90 degree bend, like T14 at Albert Park.
    The South circuit goes straight on at the Turn 12/13 Chicane (the one after the back straight), and reconnects at the 1km mark, headed south. The Pit Lane goes along the back straight and begins just before the 4km marker.



    7.7612km, 20 corners, clockwise.

    T1 is similar to Copse at Silverstone, but it goes on for longer and has a large turning radius meaning it wouldn’t be as quick, but it is still certainly a quick turn 1. There is then a short run to T2, a quick sweeping left hander. Another short run follows to T3, a slightly tighter that T2 but still sweeping right hander. This is followed quickly by T4, a slightly tighter version of T3, but to the left. A short run comes next followed by T5, a very quick flat out sweep to the right. Another short straight to T6, a right handed hairpin that opens up on exit to allow for quick acceleration out of it. A medium length straight comes after that and leads into T7, quite a long and sweeping right hander which should be flat. The cars then have to switch sides to enter T8, a medium speed left handed corner.

    T9,10 comes next, both forming a similar corner to that as Malaysia’s T5,6, but a little bit shorter overall. This very quickly leads into T11, the slowest corner on the track, quite a slow right hand hairpin. This leads straight into T12, a very easy swerve to the left. Between T11 and T13 is in reality a medium length straight. T13 comes at the end of this, a sort of quite fast almost sweep kink to the left, similar to T1 at Hockenheim, but with a more open radius apex. T14 follows, and is essentially the same corner as the one before, but has a slightly less open radius, making it more of a kink.

    T15 is a long sweeping corner to the right, which is followed by a short straight down to T16, a very quick sweep to the left, which would be on the limit of being flat, but it should be. A more open sweep comes next, a long right handed one of T17. T18 follows after a short straight and is essentially the same as T17. T19,20 comes next and is a long sweeping style chicane almost. Cars flick to the left with a sweep and then have to quickly switch to the right for a tighter corner, although it’s still open radius.


    For this track, there are 7 total layouts. There’s a west, north and south circuit, as well as west+north, west+south, north+south and the full thing. Pits and how the circuits join are shown.

    Marco Freire

    There are 3 variants to this future motorsports facility that I have created. There is the 8.8 mi (14.2 km) long full endurance circuit, and there is a north section, that is made up almost entirely fast, long corners; and a south section, which is twistier and is the handling variant of the course. Both variants are about 4.6 mi (7.4 km) long. All variants are clockwise. I didn’t draw in the pits for the northern circuit- they are on the top straight after the left and right hand corners that succeed the 180 corner on the top left-hand side of the track.

    http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6554596 (Full Endurance circuit)
    http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6552281 (North and South circuits)


    Main circuit:
    8.75 km

    The variants:
    http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6555685 – Northern, Eastern, Inner
    http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6555665 – Outer, Club, National

    Club – after the first corner leaves the Main circuit
    Outer – almost the Main circuit, but with the long southern straight (between the 5 and 8 km signs)
    National – with a straigth in the middle of the area, it leaves the main circuit after the 3 km sign
    Inner – it is almost the Main minus Outer circuit, with some other corners
    Norhern – it leaves the Main circuit after the 3 km sign likes the National, but it rejoins at 1 km sign
    Eastern – it leaves the Main circuit after the 6 km sign and rejoins at 4 km sign

    The circuits what may can operate at the same time:
    – Outer and Inner
    – National and Eastern
    – Inner and Northern
    – Club, Northern and Eastern


    I’ll be judging tomorrow mid day my time, which will be just after mid night GMT. So any final entries need to be submitted now!


    Every entry was quite different and they all had their own charateristics, but the one I like best was by @philereid! The full circuit had a good mix of different corner types and the shorter circuits were good too.


    Thanks @vmaxmuffin ! A little bit of back and forth happening here. :P

    Right, sorry about the delay in coming up with something, but I was really struggling with what to come up with. I’ve decided that the task this time is to come up with a hybrid, street/permanent circuit within a major city from around the world.


    -Either 1/3rd street and 2/3rd permanent, or 1/3rd permanent and 2/3 street (it doesn’t have to be exact, just try to follow it as closely as possible).
    -5-7km in length.
    -Pit-lane must be designed.
    -If your circuit is 1/3rd permanent, it may only have one corner sharper than 90 degrees on the permanent part. If the circuit is 2/3rd permanent, it may only have two corners sharper than 90 degrees on the permanent part.
    -The permanent part(s) do not all have to be together.
    One thing you can do is that if you can find a location within a city that is just a few roads with no buildings, you can destroy those roads and create an area for a permanent part of your circuit.

    Good luck.


    I chose Calgary, Canada as the city for my 1/3 permanent and 2/3 street circuit.
    It is 6.828 km long with 16 corners and is run counter-clockwise.


    Marco Freire


    Brooklyn street circuit
    2/3 permanent, 1/3 street
    4.3 mi (7 km)



    Fort Collins Street Circuit
    1/3 Permanent, 2/3 Street
    6.7 km (4.1 miles)
    19 turns



    6.1km blast around London, with stunning views of Canary Wharf and the O2 arena


    Might want to check your map, Sam X). You have what looks like a little add-on that bumps your track up to 557 km ;)

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