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    Greetings fellow fanatics. With the new season almost upon us I wanted to shamelessly plug a couple of my favourite fantasy leagues, both of which are free and quick to play – unless you spend hours agonizing over driver choices.

    First up: http://www.minardif1.org/ This one’s a minnow in terms of current membership (so more chance to win!), but we’re a jovial bunch and there’s even a cash prize for the overall & weekly champions.

    Game rules are here: http://www.minardif1.org/mf1/pages/rules.html

    Registration is via the forum: http://www.minardif1.org/forum/

    Next up: http://fantasyracers.com/ Entrants normally run into the thousands for this one, so I’ll bow down in your honour should you manage to win, but it’s a fun budget-based game even if you end up 640th.

    I’ve set up a league for any interested fanatics, it’s number 190 and the password is: letmein

    Please add links for any other leagues you consider worth a go. Cheers for reading, Tony.

    Piotr Koteryl

    I run a league (and have done so for the last few years) by email – last year we had 23 entrants, but I am looking to expand that. I am setting up a website to deliver the results, but am still ironing a few creases out. If anyone is interested, please either message me on here or by email at pjcotterill@live.co.uk.

    I hope to hear from some of you! Many thanks, Peter.


    I would suggest the Fantasy F1 game on http://www.PFRL.net. At the first sight, it looks a little bit complicated, but it has a sophisticated gameplay. Easy to play (just a few seconds to create a team), but hard to win. It’s fun during the whole season.




    Peter, any chance of a quick summary of how your league works: no. of driver picks, scoring, etc. Good to have a rough outline for potential players to browse.

    PFRL game does indeed seem a bit complicated at first sight, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I shall take a proper look at the rules and see if it’s for me.

    Lastly, details for entering the game at: http://minardif1.org/ are now available via the ‘join’ button on that page; also, the distribution of this year’s $250 prize fund has been announced.

    Piotr Koteryl

    There is a full summary on my website: http://fantasyf1uk.wordpress.com/

    Basically, you choose two drivers from the main grid, a reserve driver, a chassis and an engine within a 65m Euro budget.


    Just created a mini-league at: http://fantasyracing.hiltonhhonors.com/default.aspx

    League name: F1Fanatics

    Password: letmein

    Enjoyed this one last year (and not just because I topped our mini-league!) so hopefully see a few of the old faces and an array of new ones for this season. The two leagues in top post still open to join.


    Hi everyone.

    I have recently created a free Fantasy F1 game at: http://www.playf1game.com

    Fresh new fantasy game starting this season so anyone interested please feel free to check it out.


    I just joined the F1 fantasy leauge as White-Budgie GP with Grosjean, Perez, Hulk, Massa, Sutil and Bianchi as my drivers as well as having Marussia as my constructor. Brazil is my circuit choice.

    This looks really fun and I can’t wait to get started!



    I see your selections. Nice one and good luck!!

    Anybody else fancy joining this season then please feel free to select your team at: http://www.playf1game.com


    I think I’m going to need a lot more luck than yours if I’m going to win or even get on the podium! :)


    @Tony Vandervell
    The league which you have set up at http://www.fantasyracers.com is a private league??


    Yes, but that just means you need to enter a password to join. You can find it towards the end of my first post but here it is again: letmein

    See you there!


    There is a generic prediction league here fairly simple but thought I’d put it up anyway


    Just put in my predictions, a little hopeful but having Bianchi gain most places and Rosberg win from Lewis and Felipe isn’t too impossible…

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