F1 format (points, races, etc…): Should we move to a GP2-style season?

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    I think the ‘formula’ is as good as it’s ever been in history at the moment. Can we please keep things as they are for a few years?


    True, F1 isn’t as spectacular as it could be (though some races this year have been crackers), and maybe adopting a GP2 format would change that, but then it wouldn’t be F1. We’re getting too hung up on “the show”, whatever that entails. If you want drama, watch the BTCC or IndyCars; if you want insanely close racing, watch NASCAR; if you want a series like GP2 watch GP2!

    In short, every motorsports series is different, and that’s why I love watching it.


    Not a fan of reversed grids, it’s too artificial. The only thing I think Formula 1 should take from GP2 is points for Pole and Fastest lap, but only 1 point for each.


    @yepega I have to ask, why?

    I guarantee if we go down that route we’ll end up with everyone complaining that, instead of drivers trying to overtake their rivals they are be dropping back to get space to try to set the fastest lap. How do we know this? Because it happens all the time in other series where they give points for fastest lap.

    There’s scope for all kinds of nonsense with this. If a driver only needs to score one point to clinch the championship he’d be better off ignoring the race, pitting for fresh tyres with three laps to go and setting fastest lap. Is that really what we want to see?

    I keep hearing people say “we should have a point for pole and fastest lap” but just a moment’s thought is enough to realise the undesirable consequences it would have.

    It’s a terrible idea. Introducing it would be a textbook example of ‘fixing’ something that isn’t broken.



    Well, I agree in parts. A point for the fastest lap is silly since it would lead to what you have said and … to be honest, a FLAP is not an achievement with so many factors playing a role in a race.

    Now, points for pole are a different story because what is a pole worth in F1 really? Especially since the advent of DRS, nothing really. However, being brilliant over one lap is a skill in itself and should be a significant achievement which during the nature of F1 races, namely them being long, is spoiled. Therefore, I think at least one point should be awarded for pole position. Should it really ever come down to the situation that one points makes a champion, then we’d still see honest competition especially due to low-fuel qualifying so it wouldn’t hurt the inherent competitive nature of the sport.


    I’ve said before why I wouldn’t mind seeing a point for FL if it was done properly, but that generally I don’t much care either way, and that pole should under no circumstances be rewarded with a point.


    I guess the general consensus is a “no” then haha! Surprised at how angrily some of you disagreed but c’est la vie.

    Thanks for your opinions guys :)

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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