F1 killing itself

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    First time poster but watching f1 since ’86. This sport is killing itself from within. These are the reasons why:

    1 classis tracks replaced by borefests – sports is supposed to be entertaining
    2 DRS – over taking is controlled by pressing buttons
    3 money – tv rights gone to what is pay per view really
    4 rules – cars look so ugly this year, they are supposed to be exciting and beautiful, plus off track arguments on over taking, waste of time
    5 regulations – this should be about speed , not strategy. The tires promote cautious driving not driving to attack and overtake
    6 rules – today decision( whilst against the “rules” ) is very frustrating and has ruined seeing the faster car / driver making a telling contribution to the race.

    7 politics – far too much of this meaning we never really know what’s going on and having races that should never be on the calendar.

    Not sure i want to watch this anymore….


    F1 is in a better place than ever, and that’s even without taking the tyres into account. Nobody is going to be affected by your departure. If you even go with it. Chances are you won’t.

    Force Maikel

    @Pamphlet couldn’t add more! Anyway you look at it the sport has pretty much always been like this, perhaps not as modern. F1 has always been expanding to far exotic locations, had jucy politics, strange regulations and there has always been a lot of money involved even in the good old days ( not as much but still……).


    Oh yeah the good ol’ days. I have heard about them. Not sure I actually beleive in them.

    Force Maikel

    @Mads that’s your arguement/point?



    Craig Woollard

    1. There has been a few modern-day classic tracks, Turkey and Sepang as examples.
    2. Back in the 80’s drivers used to overtake with a boost button.
    3. Formula 1 has always been built around money since Bernie got involved… Back in the 80’s most races wern’t even broadcast live I believe.
    4. So the wacky innovations of the past are not ugly? And these rules and regulations are in place for safety of the fans, drivers, teams etc. and to try and make it as competitive as possible without hindering technical advancements as much.
    5. Formula 1 has ALWAYS been about strategy. Always has, and always will be.
    6. If you break the rules, you should be punished.
    7. Politics, like everything else, has ALWAYS been a major part of F1. Without policies, the sport would be dangerous, and run by ‘loonies’.


    1. Still plenty of classic tracks on the calendar- Monaco, Spa, Montreal, Monza, Silverstone, Albert Park, Suzuka for instance. Even tracks like Sepang and New Delhi are good to drive on. The only bad ones are Valencia and Abu Dhabi.
    2. I agree.
    3. I agree somewhat, though I still get to watch the races live online and Craig makes a good point.
    4. They’re not allowing step noses next year, I believe.
    5. Easily fixed, but this year’s races have been highly rated on this site anyway.
    6. Harsh decision but that “faster car” did the same thing two years ago, leading to that rule being amended.
    7. I won’t even take this point seriously when some butthurt Mclaren fan created another thread on this forum blaming Ferrari for today’s events.


    I’ve been watching since ’98 but it seems stronger than ever at the moment. As for what F1 is ‘supposed to be’ or ‘should be’ about, F1 is a trademark, and will be whatever those trademark holders want it to be. If next year they change it to something resembling the Wacky Races, that’ll be what F1 is supposed to be.


    So you went and registered on a Formula One website with the sole intent and purpose to announce your departure as a fan? Right…

    Prisoner Monkeys


    Even tracks like Sepang and New Delhi are good to drive on. The only bad ones are Valencia and Abu Dhabi.

    I remember the reactions when F1 2010 came out – a lot of people were surprised that Valencia was actually a lot of fun to drive.


    I think F1 is better than ever. Try watching some IndyCar for something different too. There both the best racing in the world IMHO.


    Well, if it is your first time after 86, then I think I can see where you are coming somehow, but politics and strategies has always being part of F1, maybe in 86 you were too young to understand that. Reason I am commenting is because I think this is one of the most exciting seasons.


    The Tilkedromes aren’t much fun to drive, but they all make great racing compared to old circuits like Imola and Catalunya which are impossible to overtake at.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @duncanmonza – I think the Tilkedromes can be fixed. Valencia and Abu Dhabi are the only really poor ones, but with a few tweaks, they could both be considerably better.

    For example, this is Ugh, Valencia!


    And this is Yay, Valencia!


    And all I did was change two corners.

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