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    Silverstone 1995 was my first as well! I remember at the time blaming Schumacher for the accident because Hill was the local hero. It was only after watching F1 for a little while, I realised Hill’s move was useless.

    sbl on tour

    still,every cloud has a silver lining, johnny herbert went on to win, ye ha!


    Lauda’s comeback Monza 1976 and how great the man was still covered in bandages. Otherwise, Jean-Pierre Jarier on pole and leading most of the Canadian GP in 1977 before his engine broke. But I am showing my age here so a more recent example would be Damon Hill leading in Hungary in 1997 with the underdog Arrow and having to let go of the victory in the final laps.


    Ayrton Senna’s win at Donnington in 93 was epic, and pretty much sums up Senna as a racing driver. Damon Hill’s win at Suzuka in 94 has to go down as one of the gusty-est drives of all time. Jean Alesi’s win at Montreal in 95 was long overdue, and I cheered very loudly!


    For me it has to be Mark Webbers first win, the way in which he drove to overcome that drive through was absolutly awesome.

    I also think that in 40 or 50 years time we will look back in the 2010 championship as one of the greatest of all time.

    Tom L.

    The most inspirational F1-related story of all has to be Alex Zanardi, what a man…

    Barrichello just seems such a likeable guy that many moments come to mind – his first win, his win in Valencia last year after so many years, and his move on Michael in Hungary!

    Hakkinen’s move on Schumacher at Spa in 2000.

    Johnny Herbert winning at the Nuerburgring in 1999.


    two brilliant Brundle lines from Jerez 97. First about Fontana “What engine’s do they have in that Sauber? Murray” MW: “Ferraris.. oh Martin you are a cynical chap”

    and then of course when Schumi turns in on Villeneuve “you’ve hit the wrong part of him my friend!”


    “I liked how after Minardi’s 5th in Aus 2002 all the teams in F1 sent champagne straight to the team to celebrate. That was sweet.”

    I hadn’t heard that before, but it’s a nice thought.

    Hazel J

    I really liked Brawn’s 1-2 in Australia 09, everyone seemed genuinely happy for them and it was great seeing them come through after such a hard winter. I remember thinking that seeing an underdog come through and win like that was one of the reasons I love F1.


    Something little-remembered about Webber’s 5th place is that for most of the race he didn’t have traction control!

    My admiration for Ross Brawn has never been higher than when he was interviewed straight after Button and Brawn winning the WDC and WCC, the first thing he did was to thank all of the people he had to fire early in the season because of costs.

    Although in a close second is the story that he apparently wanted to call his team Tyrrell, since that’s where they came from and it would have been wondeful to see Tyrrell win one last time.

    Gerhard Berger’s last win in F1 will always stay with me too.

    sbl on tour

    aye barrachello, he is the man, just look at the various u tube clips of him on the podium, the man is pure class, totally beezer!


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