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    I was reading an article today that said that energy drinks were now the major industry sponsoring F1 teams, and that got me wondering, how many different companies, from how many different industries and countries have sponsored F1 teams? Using @keithcollantine‘s excellent picture galleries, I set about spotting every sponsor on the cars and listing them down. So far I have only done this for this year, but I’ll slowly add more on the coming days, if anyone is interested in reading the results. Team suppliers like Renault, Pirelli, Total Brembo, etc. are not included.

    The tiles in red are information I couldn’t find, so if anyone can help me I’d be very grateful. Emil Frey’s website (http://www.emilfrey.ch/) is only in German, so that should be an easy one if you can understand the language, unlike myself :P

    Sponsors by industry

    Sponsors by team (rather large image)


    Doesn´t Casio sponsor RBR through it´s Edifice branch?

    Interesting read…. Good job!


    Emil Frey is a Swiss company that focuses mainly on cars: occasions, car insurance, that kind of stuff. So I would label it ‘automotive’. But anyway, great job!


    Excellent compilation. I think you can add ExxonMobil to the list under “Oil and Gas”. (They sponsor McLaren through their Mobil 1 brand)


    I like this!

    1. Add Diageo (who sponsor McLaren through their Johnnie Walker brand) under Alcoholic Beverages.
    2. How do we consider Puma (under Apparel)? Their logo is on the Ferrari and Mercedes.


    Interesting stuff thanks @Guilherme. I’m surprised Aon logos haven’t appeared on the Marussia. Their car isn’t contributing much to this list…

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Marussia have said that more logos will appear on the car in coming weeks.


    If you add Puma to the list shouldn’t Alpinestars and Reebok also go on it? Their logos appear on the sidepod turning vanes of the Force India.


    Aon sponsor McLaren and Marussia now that Chilli is there.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    That hasn’t been confirmed yet.

    Ned Flanders

    Great work Guilherme! I’d love to see them ranked in order of what they’re paying or how much space they have, but presumably that information isn’t available


    It wold be awesome to see just how much they all pay, but Ned is right that it may be difficult to get hold of that kind of information. Some of the sponsors also have odd arrangements with the teams, the best two examples I can think of being AT&T (when they were with Williams they paid to be the team’s title sponsor and got relatively little space on the car) and Philip Morris (who apparently pay for all of the advertising space on the tow Ferraris and the other sponsors pay them for the right to appear on the cars). Companies like Gennii, Red Bull and to a degree Fiat may also be tricky ones to work out because they all own the teams they “sponsor”…so they probably don’t pay to get their logos on the cars.


    Great list – what about the national sponsors?

    I know the Saubers had Mexico written on the back of the rear wing at some point and didn’t the Williams have Venezuela written on it? Also, didn’t the Ferrari also carry the colors of the Italian flag on the rear wing? Was that in 2011?


    Wow, that’s some great response to the thread!

    @catracho504 They have a Casio sticker on the front of the chassis, so I think that add Casio should suffice.

    @andae23 Thanks a lot!

    @bobthevulcan Do they actually sponsor McLaren or are they just suppliers? If they do give money for their space on the car then I will add then, but I’m trying to keep suppliers of the list, otherwise it will get huge.

    @journeyer On Ferrari’s website Puma is listed as a supplier, while in Mercedes’ website it is listed as a ‘partner’, but on the same category as Pirelli, Allianz and some other brands that do not show up in the car at all, so I’m guessing they are only supppliers as well. Thanks for the Johnnie Walker tip, I missed their tiny logos on the mirrors!

    @GeeMac I left them out for the same reason I left Puma out. It’s a lot easier with companies like Japan Rags or PepeJeans, but when they also supply the racing gear it becomes a bit blurry. I might add every supplier that appear on the cars just to be on the safe side. Regarding Genni, Red Bull and Fiat, I thought I should add them becuase, well, they do inject some money on the team and get a space on the car :P I could remove them if people feel they aren’t actually sponsoring anything.

    @ned-flanders That would be awesome to do, but the only source of information I have are pictures and the only tool I have are my eyes and the patience to spot every sticker on the cars :P

    @freelittlebirds I really don’t know about those. I thought about them but it was already way to late, I’ll do a little bit of research on that Mexico and Venezuela logos. That Italian flag on the 2011 Ferrari wasn’t any sort of deal, it was just Montezemolo trying to be a little patriotic.

    So, this is the list for 2012. The names in red are new, and since I’m going backwards in time that means these sponsors are either no longer working in F1 or they logos are not appearing on the car. I few notes though: I combined Lucozade and Maximuscle into GlaxoSmithKline, as I didn’t want to create two separate industry categories for their producuts. I also grouped conglomerates like UB Group and America Movil on the list too, because honestly I don’t feel like they are separate sponsoring agreements, they are just one company trying to promote the many brands in their portfolio.

    By team (2012 ONLY): http://theartoff1.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/sponsors-teams-2012.png

    By industry (2012 and 2013):

    By country (2012 and 2013):

    P.S.: Oops, there are some slight counting errors on the industry table… well, I’ll wait until I have some more data to upload a new one.


    Looks like you have to add UPS to that list now too…


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