F1 TV: Are you signing up?

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    Are you signing up for F1 TV? Are you getting the full F1 TV Pro live streaming service? Do you want to but can’t get it in your area?

    Let us know what you think of the new service here.


    Am I able to sign up in California?

    Is it online or only through cable/satellite services? Roku?



    I’m not so worried about the picture we’ll be getting but two things;

    -The commentating: Will it be any good?
    -The connection: Same question as above.

    I’ve seen many Blancpain, IMSA, WEC and what not races via streams and somehow on several occasions the streams just fail to provide a clear picture the entire race. There’s somehow always a connection issue, one I won’t have watching the broadcast on TV, issue there is I hardly understand the language…


    Yes, so much yes. With the death of Canal F1 Latin America, well, Latin America got screwed hard, as F1 went back to Fox Sports and they put 11 races behind a second paywall. F1 TV can’t be worse.

    Josiah H

    I think I am, I don’t have any form of tv currently, and the package looks decent overall. I’m planning to at least try it out and see how well it works in practice.


    I cant in Australia it seems as we have Sky via Foxtel. I pay $60 per month for a basic sports package which its all F1 and some FE at times (for my viewing that is, not the overall package). I don’t mind paying it as I love my F1 it gives a heap of coverage over a race weekend, but that is a fair bit of money to watch a motor race.

    There seems to be little word if you can record and playback races of if its a pure ‘live streaming’ option. The Foxtel option is if you buy a main event like UFC or boxing (if that still counts) it expires after 24 hours. If I pay $55 AUD to see McGregor fight I want to watch it when I want.

    Again as mentioned it depends on commentary. I like Sky as that is what I am used to, but I remember when they changed from Murray Walker (After James Hunt passed away) to a ESPN or CNN option and it was horrible. Looking back it was probably just fine, but people don’t like change.

    Positive option from Liberty but lets see how it plays out.

    Mad Eric

    yes I was… Signed up to be notified when I could pay then found a page on F1.com that actually let me pay and my paypal ccount shows the payment THEN had to leave California to go to England for a famly problem so I was gutted that i would miss the Aussie race as it’s not even on the Telley over here now I am in the UK… And now this news comes so I coudn’t have seen it anyway on F1 TV pro!!!


    Definitely. Every time I want to watch a race, I need to find an illegal web stream, which only lets me watch the race after disabling AdBlock, and after 20 clicks on “close this tab”, and after the antivirus sent me dozens of warnings. All that is so tiring and long a process that I need to be ready for the race 15 minutes earlier (races in Asia start at 3am, so 15 minutes less of sleep really hurt). And sometimes the illegal stream just stops… So I need to restart part of the process and miss 5 minutes of race. For the record, there is NO legal way to watch F1 races live. Fox Sports puts them after 6 hours, sometimes more, and by then I know everything about the result.
    I will pay the OTT pack, because what I disliked the most about SkyF1 broadcast during the Australian GP was the way TV commercials have been included during the race this season.
    So I’ll pay what it takes to have a decent and legal way to enjoy the only sport I follow.

    Su Wing

    no. its too expensive. I can actually purchase a monthly subscription to cable/sat TV, get hbo, A&E like every chan, FOX, UFC the lot. and get Sky F1 feed of every session LIVE. for less than what F1 is asking for. So it makes zero sense. again F1 is out of touch and has no grasp on what to charge give the fans. F1 is going to start dying. I think its even time to short F1 stock

    Mark Gabb

    It will be interesting to see if it will become an option in the UK?


    Absolutely, don’t really have a viable alternative here in the US. Mid-race adverts have always rendered traditional broadcasts unwatchable if you’re at all interested in the race. It’s sure to be easier than the pirate Sky streams I use now. Plus I’ll feel a bit better about giving my money to the folks actually responsible for the product rather than proxy hosts.


    As per Garns, I’m in Australia so cannot get it, but unlike them have dropped my Foxtel account this year as I can’t justify the price.

    The thing that annoys me most is that you can’t just have their “Sports” package – you need the “Entertainment” pack as a base which is what makes it so expensive. I don’t care about all their other content, I just want to be able to watch all sessions of the F1.

    Am looking forward to the F1 TV launch to see if I can get around it with a VPN, as I’m going to miss most of the season otherwise.


    @omarr-pepper there’s a motorsport streams subreddit where people provide way better streams than that.



    Definitely. Every time I want to watch a race, I need to find an illegal web stream, which only lets me watch the race after disabling AdBlock, and after 20 clicks on “close this tab”

    there’s a motorsport streams subreddit where people provide way better than that.


    Considering the Belgian stream will have commentary in either French, German or Spanish I don’t see the point. I don’t understand why they don’t provide the Dutch stream as the majority of people do speak Dutch, and the French have a perfect free alternative with French commentators.

    So you’d expect we get English as an option too, but no.

    That in itself will simply keep 99% of all Dutch speaking fans away from the app I believe.

    I don’t understand why they don’t just provide the English alternative to all. I wouldn’t want Dutch commentary anyway because very likely we have to hear this idiot from a pop band who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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