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    Anyone who was an F1 Access subscriber is automatically converted to F1 TV (non-Pro) which gives you access to archive footage, which consists full races and some documentaries.
    There’s page on the site that lists all countries and which features are available, including when the current race replay becomes available (and support races).
    I’ve been enjoying the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix for the last 2 hours!


    I’d love to sign up so I can ditch the over-priced Sky package but it’s not going to be available here. GRRR!

    bull mello

    Signed up just now on the F1 TV Pro Monthly plan here in the US.
    Watching the 2017 Spanish GP at the moment. It is the FOM feed with no commentary. Looked at the Archives and it contains the 2017 season races. At the top of the archives is an Editor’s Pick section with three choices available – 2005 Monaco, ’98 Spa and 2005 Japanese GP. They also have 2018 season replays and highlights.

    We’ll see how it goes for FP, Qualy and race sessions.


    There is commentary, it just is not on by default — click on the headphone icon and select a language (if there’s more than one).
    Also, the archive year is drop-down box and you can select any year that F1 has been in existence, but the oldest race I found is 1997 Hungary.
    And if you select “shows” (top choice from archive drop down menu), there are several “Legend of F1” documentaries on past stars including Senna, Stewart, Mansell, and many more.
    I don’t even have the “pro” version (not available in Canada), but I find the content great but the site navigation and layout leaving much to be desired.

    bull mello

    Thanks, even with a quick look around some of these things should be a bit more obvious.

    I think the content is promising, especially if they keep adding it.


    I would sign up in a heartbeat but I can’t becuase I live in Australia but I notice what is available is a smaller service called F1 tv access. The major thing I want find out is how good the online archive is. I am desperate to watch as much old races as possible so if anyone could tell me how extensive the archive is. Please I would be extremely disappointed if it doesn’t have at least highlights from every race since 1980


    I’m from Argentina so fortunately I was able to subscribe to F1 TV Pro. Watching FP2 right now, first impressions as follows:
    – Service provides FOM broadcast in English, French, German, Spanish and a no-commentary audio option.
    – Clicking on each driver’s name at the right hand side takes you to the onboard camera of that driver. An audio option is added here, Team Radio. It’s good for information, but there’s no other sounds, so it gets quite boring. Would be good to mix it with the car audio.
    – I’m at work and usually the bandwith is pretty good here, however the broadcast is very low quality and keeps lagging and buffering.
    – Interface looks good, but it could use a couple of tweaks.

    All in all, being the very first live broadcast, the product seems pretty good. Biggest issue is with the video quality, that I hope will be solved soon enough

    Josiah H

    I just signed up for F1 TV Pro (I live in the US), and I’ve been watching some of the archive material, as well as some of FP1 and 2 from the Spanish GP.

    I’ve enjoyed the races in the archive (the 2009 Australian GP was surprisingly entertaining), but I’ve had some trouble with the live stream, which may be partly my fault as I didn’t pay much attention while reading over the system recommendations (in the FAQ) at first. There was lots of buffering and cutting out on the stream, although I’m sure my broadband is up to the task. After FP2 was over, I noticed that for Mac, High Sierra seems to be required, and I’m not willing to install it on my older computer. I do have Bootcamp with Windows 10, though, and that is on the list. I’ll try using that tomorrow and see how it turns out.

    Overall, the F1 TV Pro seems decent, a free trial option would be nice though.


    Follow up to my previous post, I received this message from F1 tv

    We’re sorry to say that we have experienced technical difficulties with F1 TV’s live broadcast this afternoon. We’re aware that this has impacted customers with an F1 TV Pro subscription.
    While we are working hard to fix these issues, we wanted to let those subscribers know that we will contact them by email shortly to address this with a partial refund.
    Please contact us for other issues you might experience.


    Hmmm this post immediately went live whereas my previous did not. Censorship perhaps?


    I planned on signing up, as RTL in Germany is pretty rubbish and I used to watch on Sky Germany. However I couldn’t actually see how to do it on Android app, despite there being an update saying it included the subscription package. Now there’s issues I think I’ll wait until it’s mature. I don’t want to pay to be a beta tester and miss the sessions live.


    Signed up for f1 tv pro here in Colombia, got up eagerly awaiting live qualifying ….. what did I get? Buffering problems a few seconds coverage a few times then a couple of minutes of end of q3 commentary and driver comments. Will it improve? hmmm Let’s see what the race brings.


    I cant get the TV Pro where I live but read that as I had the F1 App I would get an automatic upgrade to basic package but when I sign in on the official F1 site it still asks me to subscribe to the TV package. Has anyone else had this issue or been able to get on ok?

    I think the archive will be great and they said they are adding to that as they go so will give access to a lot of old races, should be pretty good!

    kelly felix

    Do you know it there is an internet option?


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