Fangio Numbers

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    Inspired by the six degrees of separation thread, and by Bacon and Erdős numbers (look them up on Wikipedia if you don’t know what they are), I present Fangio numbers.

    The aim is to find the shortest distance between any given driver and Juan Manuel Fangio by way of team mates in Formula 1.

    The rules are as follows:

    For a connection to be made, both drivers must have started the same race, in cars entered by the same team (not simply made by the same manufacturer).
    Connections can be formed retroactively. (A driver can be given a number if an ex team mate receives a number.)
    When describing connections, give the race and team.

    For example: Maurice Trintignant (2)

    Juan Manuel Fangio
    1950 British Grand Prix (Alfa Romeo)
    Giuseppe Farina
    1954 Belgian Grand Prix (Ferrari)
    Maurice Trintignant

    A quick check suggests all the drivers in the field today have Fangio numbers, but I wasn’t counting, so I’ve got no idea how big these numbers are.

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