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    Having been watching since mid-1989, the 1997 season stands out in my memory as one that had some really good races, great-looking cars (the last before the narrow-track and grooved-tyre regulations) and a see-sawing battle for the championship. The last race left a bit of a sour taste, but on the whole it was a good year.

    I enjoyed a lot of the 2003 season but it was ruined by politics in the end – the banning of Michelin’s tyres was an appalling decision.

    Of course there’s been lots of highlights on the way. Parts of 2000 were good but of course there was the terrible crash in Monza. The 2007 and 2008 seasons had moments of incredible drama but far too much off-track politicking which at times interfered with the racing.

    We’ve had some entertaining races in recent years thanks to the close field, the tyres and the refuelling ban but the silly-looking post-2009 cars is off-putting and then there’s DRS…


    Keith mentioned 1997, 1998 was pretty good too however.

    I really liked 1999 which was the title that noone wanted to win (H-H F was driving magnificently in a Jordan of all things having a mid-season title push) and it featured the race which noone wanted to win (1999 European GP when each successive leader slithered off in wet conditions!).


    2006 was a heartbreaker for me… I actually cried when Schumi´s engine blew in Japan… I also cried in Brazil when he got his puncture… having said that… I think that was the perfect way to Schumi to bow out… fighting to the very end and passing Fisi even though he was dead last…

    2010… the last of the Bridgestone era and which was a cracker of a season and 2012 have to be right up there with 2006…


    2003 and 2008 were the best for me. Having close championships right to the end, plenty of new winners in those years too. 2001 and 2011 were enjoyable for me, seeing a driver so in tune and perfect with everything, but didn’t necessarily have as much drama. 2008 would win outright had Massa won the title.


    I’ve been watching irregularly since 1989, and regurlarly since 1994.
    My favorite season, very subjective:

    1994 – the what could have been with Senna x Schumi, and what at the end was Hill x Schumi
    1995 – Spa alone makes that season stand out for me
    1997 – fantastic up to Jerez, including the qualifying with three pole position times equal to the ms.
    2000 – Great duels between HAK and MSC
    2008 – Drama between Kimi, Felipe, Fernando and Lewis
    2010 – Drama Drama Drama and Alonso losing it at the end
    2012 – Drama Drama Drama and Alonso losing it towards the end!

    Lucas Wilson

    For me, I’ve only started watching recently, but i’ll agree with the 2009-2013? Golden Years mrk2.


    For me it was 1997. I also loved 98,99, 2005, 2009-2012.

    Aled Davies

    1997 was my first full season and it was very good!

    other than that, I enjoyed 1998 (Schumacher & Ferrari coming back from miles off the pace of the Mclarens and taking it to the last race)

    2000 – First Schumacher championship with Ferrari plus some good races and battles with Hakkinen

    2003 – a really close season, plenty of different drivers on the podium over the season and the emergence of Raikkonen & Alonso plus Schumacher winning it at the end.

    2007 – Just because of how close it was at the end and the awesome first season for Hamilton

    2008 Drama to the last lap and Hamilton taking the title

    2012 – plenty of brilliant races and loads of drama

    Max Jacobson

    For me, as a young F1 fan, 2010 and 2012 were great seasons that I have witnessed. I’d have to say though that the ’89 & ’90 seasons looked epic – a battle between Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna; what’s not to like?! I would love the pleasure of having been born then!


    For me, it will always be 2009. I will never forget when the Brawn duo locked out the front row in Melbourne, especially with Hamilton starting towards the back. Having not been a fan of his, it felt like just desserts.

    Obviously past seasons, like 2012 and 2010 were very good as well, and a special mention to 1996, as even though I was four, I still remember Damon Hill crossing the line to take the Championship, which was incredible.

    2007 and 2008 were very good as well, in terms of the fact that they were so close, though 2008 would have been better in my opinion, had Massa taken the title, which I believe he deserved more so.


    The following post is entirely down to opinion, as I express my views on the eleven F1 seasons I’ve witnessed in person.

    This is how I’d rate each season:
    Racing excitement: /5
    Championship battle: /5
    Competitiveness: /5
    Total Rating: /15

    Racing: 2.5
    WDC: 1.5
    Comp: 1.5
    Total: 5.5 (36.7%)

    Racing: 4.0
    WDC: 4.0
    Comp: 4.5
    Total: 12.5 (83.3%)

    Racing: 3.5
    WDC: 1.5
    Comp: 3.5
    Total: 8.5 (56.7%)

    Racing: 3.5
    WDC: 3.5
    Comp: 3.0
    Total: 10.0 (66.7%)

    Racing: 3.0
    WDC: 4.0
    Comp: 3.0
    Total: 10.0 (66.7%)

    Racing: 3.0
    WDC: 5.0
    Comp: 2.5
    Total: 10.5 (70.0%)

    Racing: 4.0
    WDC: 4.5
    Comp: 4.5
    Total: 13.0 (86.7%)

    Racing: 3.0
    WDC: 3.0
    Comp: 4.5
    Total: 10.5 (70.0%)

    Racing: 4.0
    WDC: 5.0
    Comp: 3.5
    Total: 12.5 (83.3%)

    Racing: 4.5
    WDC: 2.0
    Comp: 2.5
    Total: 8.0 (53.3%)

    Racing: 4.5
    WDC: 4.5
    Comp: 4.5
    Total: 13.5 (90.0%)

    In other words;
    – 2012 achieves an A+.
    – 2010, 2008 and 2003 all receive an A.
    – 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009 score a B.
    – 2004 and 2011 both score a C- and barely pass.
    – 2002 gets an F and fails miserably. LOL.

    Of course, this is entirely subjective.


    I just found that topic. I know it is pretty old but allow me to refresh it. I am watching F1 since 2006 so I will express my opinion about them.

    1. 2012 – ****3/4
    My favourite season because it had everything. Six teams won races and two other came very close to triumph as well showing how competitive the field was. The racing was equally great, I think two thirds of races were really goo at least. And of course that championship fight between Vettel and Alonso (even though it could easily have been a five-way fight looking after Monza) seeing momentum swinging back and forth. I loved every day of this F1 year and even was not overly sad when Alonso missed out, such was my happiness at F1 and Alosno’s magic.

    2. 2010 – ****1/4
    Probably best championship fight ever. The racing might not have been the best, but the championship implications make them really interesting when live. There were some classics, usually thanks to rain, like Australia, China, Turkey, Canada, Belgium and Korea. Very enjoyable season on every platform.

    3. 2008 – ****
    Another season when the championship was more than a two-team race. Of course 2008 had that Interlagos drama but it was very eventful throughout, again thanks to some wet races – Monaco, Britain, Belgium, Italy and Brazil. New stars emerged at the front – Kubica (we miss him so much in Poland, he deserved the WDC crown that year) and Vettel. The field was also pretty close, which is always nice to see, sometimes even Toyota, STR and Williams were properly fast. One thing I did hate was the stupid close-pit rule during SC. It gave some underserved results and manipulated race.

    4. 2006 – ***3/4
    Classic Schumacher vs Alonso battle overshadowed it all. I know there were some controversies but all in all, I do not think it had huge effect – Ferrari haters will disagree but Alonso would have DNFed at Monza anyway and were already on the back foot before mass damper ban. The racing was quite good on mid-2000s standards, some good dry races – Bahrain, Australia, San Marino, Monaco, Turkey and Brazil. The competitiveness was not bad either. Every top 8 team could have been on the podium on merit a few times, we can dream about it these days.

    5. 2007 – ***1/2
    The championship battle was absolutely stunning, McLaren vs Ferrari on and off-court, that McLaren internal tussle. But I rate that season behind 08′ and 06′ because top two teams were usually miles ahead and processional racing. Fortunately it got better in the last three rounds which were super-thrilling and the politics were over then. I also doubt Spygate heavily damaged F1 because it was a competitor at fault not rule-makers, which penalised them.

    6. 2011 – **3/4
    Racing great, championship dreadful. Vettel might have romped away but taking this year on race-by-race basis was a good experience. Of course there were grands prix when Seb was dominant but not always and behind them McLarens, Alonso and Webber did their best to entertain us. Pirelli was a very very good addition as they spiced up the show and everyone have had same tyres so fair to all, KERS gave another variable, DRS was less good. It was no joy watching Michael slipping away in Canada or Alonso defenceless at Interlagos giving me a very sour taste at the end.

    7. 2009 – **3/4
    For it was my most boring season. But it was not such a bad year! The field was the most competitive ever. Shame about Ferrari and McLaren out of fight from very early on but then Brawn’s competitiveness fell apart it was quite good I would say. A lot of things we do not see now – Force India on pole, Toyota from front row to back front in a week on pure pace etc. A very big shame at a huge amount of controversies and dreadful racing.

    8. 2013 – **
    While I can absolutely honestly say I enjoyed the above seasons, it was not that clear in 2013. Red Bull dominance from mid-way point and usually pretty boring races of course not held but it was something more. In my opinion this is a year when F1 crossed their “show” line. F1 became too artificial, both the 2013-tyres and “double” DRS were a step too far. But still positive, they were some fun races like Bahrain, Germany or Korea.

    9. 2014 – 1/4*
    But if 2013 I started seeing cracks minor cracks in my love to F1, they were much bigger in 2014. I just cannot get excited by the new cars, how they behave and their dynamics, in my opinion they are no real racing cars. I appreciate technology but it should be sporting challenge first but the other way around. I could not care much about Ferrari and Mercedes fight, such was I disillusioned by modern cars.

    10. 2015 – 1/4*
    More of the same. There were some positive signs early on that cars will be much faster, with Ferrari back at the front, Honda’s potential spectacular recovery. However I definitely stopped defending F1 what I saw during Friday practice in Barcelona. Ferrari fell away rather than catching Mercedes, times were the same instead of being 2-3s faster and the racing was super boring. And McLaren-Honda have not delivered yet. I hope for 2017 to give us better F1.

    James Whiteley

    I only started watching F1 in 2005, however I have watched every official season review since 1982.

    Of the full seasons which I have watched since 05, I would give the following ranking:

    1. 2010 – great racing and fantastic championship battle.
    2. 2012 – even better racing but the season seemed to loose momentum at the end. Could have done with a 3rd challenger.
    3. 2008 – great championship and a cracking showdown in Brazil. Gains points over 2007 due to better racing.
    4. 2007 – fantastic and exciting three way duel for the championship. Looses points for the quality of the racing.
    5. 2009 – fairy tail story with the emergence of Brawn and Button’s win against the odds. The romantic’s choice!
    6. 2014 – great championship battle until the final part of the season but lost momentum as Hamilton gained strength.
    7. 2005 – intriguing championship battle for the most part and a few classic and dramatic races.
    8. 2006 – great championship between Shumacher and Alonso but I remember the racing being generally dull.
    9. 2011 – quite good racing for the most part but a boring championship.
    10. 2013 – the tyre situation ruined the racing for me, coupled with an extremely boring championship.

    The top 10 including my season review choices:

    1. 1986 – perhaps the greatest season ever. Fantastic racing. Spellbinding championship battle in 1000 bhp cars. Magic!
    2, 1991 – classic year with Senna, Mansell, Prost, Schumacher, Piquet etc. Brilliant fight between Senna and Mansell.
    2. 2010 – yep, 2010 was really that good!
    3. 1982 – brilliant but tragic season. Probably the most open season of all time.
    4. 1990 – Senna Vs Prost championship more intriguing than 1989 as it opened up the Constructors. Some brilliant races.
    5. 1989 – Senna Vs Prost gets personal. Lacks the racing quality of 1990 and the championship was arguably spoiled.
    6. 2000 – the Schumacher vs Hakkinen battle at its best. Plus some great racing.
    7. 2003 – close championship with Montoya v Raikkonen v Schumacher. Slightly spoiled with the Michelin controversy.
    8. 2012 – great season as noted above.
    9. 2008 – for reasons noted above.
    10. 1988 – the original Senna vs Prost battle. Looses points for McLaren being too dominant.


    Generally well said but I disagree about 2005 over 2006. The later season had both more interesting championship fight and on-track racing. Apart from Suzuka there were few really intresting rounds in 2005, I only remember San Marino, Monaco, Canada, Turkey and Belgium as being above average, other were really boring. It was much better in 2006 as I said above.

    I also don’t agree about the 2012 season losing momentum at the end. We have had three absolutely thrilling races in November with many teams fighting close to the front in at last one of them. Vettel vs Alonso was edge-of-your-set too all through that month. Also, 1986, 1999 and 2003 were great ones!


    I’m surprised @kingshark rates 2011 so low. It wasn’t the most interesting fight for the title but all else was really good imo.

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