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    Now I know most of you may roll your eyes at such a lighthearted topic but the forum has been down a while and there are some new visitors so I just thought this would be a good way to share our F1 enthusiasm all over again and to learn about the new guys here. Feel free to ignore this though for the more sophisticated chat of the regulations of track design, if KERS should be back etc etc.

    Anyway mine: Ferrari, Massa. Surprisingly developed soft spofts for Renault, Bruno, Chandhok, HRT and Renault. I’ve also (Dan Thorn please don’t smirk here or make me switch my Ferrari-driver allegiance ) became a big fan of Alonso recently. Don’t ask why, I don’t know. I’d also like to add though that I change my mind a lot so take what I say with a pinch of salt.


    I’ve never had a favorite team or driver. Well, not since the days of Fangio. (After he let me sit in his car at Silverstone, I thought the sun rose and set on him!)

    Like Steph, I have a few soft spots. I think Chandhok is a young man of utmost class and hope he does well. And would like to see HRT ramp things up, now they control their developments. Also hope to see Petrov do well. So far not bad for a guy that didn’t come up through the normal feeder series. And I’d love for Lotus to score points and win a race this year, so Tony & Mike could crow.(I know, way out there on that one, lol)


    lol glad that you’re seeing the light Steph

    People can probably quite easily guess that I’m a big Alonso fan, but also like Webber who’s gone up in my opinion a lot this year. Button is also hard to dislike and I really admire his quick thinking in changeable conditions like Aus and China this year. Teams wise I’m not actually a big Ferrari fan and much prefer the fallen giants at Williams.


    Never really had a big favourite team until this year when one of my favourite drivers, whom I’ve egg’d on since his arrival in 2000, moved there last year. But it was not so much the driver movement, though that was part of it, but the teams embracing of the fans in all manner across the Internet (website & twitter) and their membership program that made me a big team fan. Love the new McLaren team and undeniabily Lewis is the faster driver, but Jenson will bring it home and is right up there in terms of pace.

    Started all those years ago supporting Alan Jones, then Mansell & Senna, Schumacher & Button. Now, apart from McLaren and its drivers, Lotus and Kovalainen have my full support, Mike & Tony have done wonders there. Soft spots include the Renault team (my lady is french) with Kubica and especially Petrov (has been impressive). Also Sauber (coz BMW shafted them) and both drivers. Massa has always had my support, more so since Hungary last year. Williams with Frank & Patrick are legends. Had some support for Red Bull & Vettel, but now that has been truly tarnished, but Webber always had and always will get my backing. Chandhok, and Bruno, are doing a sterling job considering and well done to them.


    As an Aussie it’s my duty to support Webber, really pleased to see him doing so well after struggling for so many years of crap midfield cars. My team preference normally wavered wherever Webber went, but as of the last race I’ve stopped being a RBR supporter and just supporting a driver, I hope they prove me wrong soon.

    I have the greatest of respect for Alonso without actively supporting him, and would love to see Petrov, Chandhok and Senna do well. Petrov’s been my rookie of the year so far.


    I like Ferrari and prefer Massa over Alonso, I also like a few other drivers such as Alguersuari, Kovalainen and Webber. If Massa can’t win the title I hope Webber can. I also like Sutil and feel he often gets overlooked.


    Kovalainen, Glock, Petrov, Hulkenberg, Webber.

    Renault, Lotus, Williams.


    Drivers: Vettel and Hamilton

    Team: Toro Rosso

    But… I also to see others do well like Alguersuari, Alonso, Buemi, Massa, Sutil, Chandhok and Red Bull, Renault, HRT.


    I have always been a McLaren fan (mainly because Senna).

    I also have major respect for Williams, wich I hope will someday get back to the front. They are real racers (Head and Williams).

    Favorite driver is AYrton Senna

    Used to be a big Montoya fan (still am), loved his style.

    And of the active drivers I’m a Hamilton fan. He’s imo the fastest and most gifted guy out there. He will take down a few titles for sure!


    Driver – Jenson

    Team – What ever team Jenson drives for.

    I couldn’t care less for anyone else if im honest.


    Currently I suppost McLaren, Williams, Sauber, and the 3 new teams, although I like to see anyone who doesn’t usually win a race get up onto the podium, so I’m always rooting for the ‘lesser’ teams.

    Driver-wise, I support the Brits, and anyone else who takes my fancy, or who I just think is a nice bloke. So currently that’s Kobayashi, Barichello, Rosberg, Webber, Senna, Chandhok, Kubica, and… dare I say it, maybe a bit of Schumacher too.

    Since I’ve been watching F1 (since 1994) I’ve followed the Brits, So it was Hill and Coulthard first (along with Brundle, Blundell and Herbert), and Button and Hamilton now. Was always a big fan of the Jordan team too. Was sad to see them go, and not really a fan of Force India because of it.


    JB, Schui, Alonso, Petrov and Chandock

    Team: Mclaren, Brawn as it was!!!


    Well guess.

    It’s McLaren an always will be, thanks to nice Mr Mika.

    Hamiltons my favourite driver, followed by awwww, the one thats sodded off rallying.

    Used to be teflonso, deeply dislike him now. Just been invloved in too much, denied to much clear evidence. Not a man of much integrity if you ask me, doesn’t smile enough.

    I love Heikki, one my of deep regrets that he couldn’t cut it at McLaren, became obvious after the first season really, can’t come seventh in the championship car.


    Yee, Mclaren (Hakkinen) and Renault (my Clio) are my favourite teams. More Renault actually as I really enjoy the “Black Horse” feeling around them.

    And drivers….

    Well, Hamilton, Button, Petrov, Alguersari and Kubica. Although I’m also supporting Schummi this time.


    My favourite driver is Felipe Massa.He became my favourite driver around the beginning of 2007.My brother was a Raikkonen fan and he laughed at me at the end of 07.But at the end of 08,he was annoyed though he didn’t let it on.His best claim at a comeback was that Raikkonen was a world champ,Massa wasn’t.I got the last laugh though when Raikkonen quit.

    Although Massa is my favourite driver,I kind of have a favourite driver from every team.It goes as follows:

    McLaren :Jenson Button

    Red Bull:Mark Webber

    Ferrari :Felipe Massa

    Mercedes:Michael Schumacher

    Renault :Robert Kubica

    Force India:Adrian Sutil

    Williams:Rubens Barrichello

    STR :Jamie Alguersuari

    Sauber :Pedro De La Rosa

    Lotus :Heikki Kovalainen

    HRT :Bruno Senna

    Virgin :Timo Glock

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