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    I like most of the drivers in F1, with some exceptions of course. Im usually more towards an entertaining race rather than my favourite driver winning or scoring a nice result.

    Still, I’ve had 3 favourite drivers. Mika Hakkinen 1996-2001, Giancarlo Fisichella 1997-2009 and my current one, Mark Webber since 2008.

    I supported all 3 no matter what. I’m very happy Mark’s doing so well this year because he truly deserves it!.

    Appart from him, i like Alonso (best driver on the grid for me), Kubica, Jenson, Timo, Heikki, Heidfeld, Schumacher… well, pretty much ever everyone except Lewis (i don’t like him tho i know he’s incredibly fast and extremely talented), Sutil (overrated…!), Massa (never really liked him since he got the Ferrari seat in 2006)… and Vettel at the bottom of the list.

    I don’t support teams to be honest.


    The driver – that’s an easy one (and you could tell it from my picture) Jenson. I still have the newspaper clippings from the announcement that he was coming into F1.

    I was desperate to see him win a race and the fact that he won the championship last year was awesome. And his constant front running form this year underlines how unappreciated he was before (he and Alonso are the only drivers on the current grid to have won for 3 different teams).

    As for teams, well, McLaren, because JB’s there and I was able to spend some time with them at Silverstone (when testing was allowed during the season). And Lotus, as they’re the local team. The Lotus celebration at Snetterton was so much fun.


    Like Simon, you can probably tell who my favourite driver is. I’ve supported the genius from Oviedo that is Fernando Alonso since 2005. I’ve even got an awfully nerdy spreadsheet of all his races!

    My other favourites are Heikki, Felipe, Robert, Rubens, Mark and Jaime.

    I don’t detest Hamilton or Button, they’re just not my favourites. And Vettel is at the very bottom, I can’t stand him.

    As for teams, I’ve always liked Force India and Williams. At the moment, I’m supporting Ferrari for obvious reasons.

    My best driver ever is Michael Schumacher, closely followed by Ayrton Senna, Jim Clark, Alain Prost, Fangio, Jackie Stewart, Piquet sr., Alonso, Hamilton and Brabham. That’s just off the top of my head!


    I’m not really into supporting teams or drivers. I do like Hamilton’s style on track though, and Button/Webber’s off it.


    I like Button, Alonso, Schumi, Kubica, Kobayashi and liked Riknnen (though he dispassionate approach angered me). Vettel has the potential to be liked one day, but now he’s too much hot-headed. I don’t really hate anyone in the grid, but Hamilton, Massa and Barrichelo’s failures are always great for some laugh. Also disliked Chandhok but since he’s out already…

    As for the teams I’d have to say good ol’ Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull and the dead BMW team. Can’t really stand Sauber or Williams.


    I like Massa, Webber (I had sympathy towards him from the Jaguar years), and sympathise many others, including Glock, Button (for his Prost-like driving style), Sutil, Kubica and Petrov. I don’t hate anyone particularly, but I do not like both Alonso and Hamilton in terms of character, despite them being IMO the best drivers atm (I also do not favour much Hulkenberg). Teams? Well, I like Renault, Sauber and Virgin Racing. Hate nobody, though cannot understand where all that love for Lotus (which has no relation to the historic team) comes from, and find no reason for the existence of Toro Rosso as a Red Bull II team.


    My favourite driver/car combo is Button/McLaren. I called this move, and backed him to the hilt long before it was known he’d be at McLaren. Lots of people berated and underrated him. Not I, not for a moment. If he’d had his break 8 years earlier, he would have been recognised as one of the best drivers (tier 2) in the league way back then. He’s smart, tactical, sensible, and when he needs to can actually race. He plays the long game. I think it’s lost some of his more youthful art from years of stewing in under performing teams. But winning last year, and coming to McLaren has woken him up and he’s picked himself up, risen to the challenge.

    My most exciting driver is by far Kobayashi/Sauber. I love this guy, as did everyone else when he showed up last year. He and the car are the double underdogs of the year. He’s such a mighty talent. He’s showing the other drivers how to race. He must be a HUGE source of inspiration to the team, and to sponsors. He has the ability to take places, where sitting behind someone is a race option for many drivers. He doesn’t ‘find’ a way past, he ‘makes’ a way past. He’s gonna be one of the standout racers (note:not driver, racer) in Forumla 1 in the next 10 years. This is where I’m so glad, drivers are protected by the amazing safety of the cars today. 30-40 years ago, I’m sure talents like him perished and we never got to see the full duration of their careers.

    My all time favourite driver combo, was Mansell/Williams. I grew up watching this guy, and was so passionate about seeing him race. I didn’t really understand much about the politics and such then, but.. Red 5 has a place in my heart for ever :)

    Other peeps : Love Chandok/HRT, Senna/HRT, Heikki/Lotus, Hamilton/McLaren (for some reason, I don’t love him anymore.. but love his driving when he gets it right), Kubica/Renault ( great to see Renault revive themselves ).

    PS Steph : you mentioned Renault twice? ;) ‘Surprisingly developed soft spofts for Renault, Bruno, Chandhok, HRT and Renault’. Do you love them that much, or just one car at a time?


    Being Aust it would have to be Webber for sure,so of course i support Red Bull as well.Apart from that my allegiances have changed from team to team depending on the driver.I will always be a fan of Williams due in part to the likes of Mansell and Hill and hope to see them at the top again soon.Ferrari when Schumacher was driving for them and will always detest McClaren.What a bunch of whingers.


    My number one since the beginning of 2008 is Heikki Kovalainen and I am happy to see how he has changed this year. I have never supported any particular team but I always pay special attention to Heikki’s team so at the moment I am kind of Lotus fan. And I have found out that Mike Gascoyne is a fantastic guy. From the other drivers, I like Jaime Alguersuari very much.

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