Favourite Hungarian Grand Prix

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    The Radical

    Hungary doesn’t traditionally serve up classic races, but there have been a couple of gems over the years.

    For mine, the 1998 edition will always stick out, it was the first year that I was into F1.

    McLaren looked dominant all weekend, one-two on the grid, running one-two early in the race, then Ross Brawn made a masterstroke decision, switching Schumacher to three-stops.

    He pumped out fastest lap after fastest lap, even running off the track on the final corner at one point, but he still came out after his last stop comfortably ahead of DC.

    I’m guessing a lot of people will say Jenson in 06′ was a highlight, it wasn’t a bad race besides it being his first victory, but for me, Schuey’s masterclass in 98′ is one memory I will never forget.


    Without question the 1989 race, won by Nigel Mansell from 12th on the grid after a charge through the field and a superb opportunistic pass on Ayrton Senna. Surely his best win.

    One of the most exciting races I’ve ever seen, it definitely played a major role in turning me into an F1 Fanatic!


    2006 for me. Alonso, Schumacher and Button were mighty at the start and there was plenty of dramas throughout the race (as well as the whole weekend).


    2006. Alonso’s first lap was the best lap I’ve ever seen and certainly the best first lap (yes, I’m aware of Senna’s Donnington blitz). The whole race was just bonkers and I don’t even care at all for JB!


    Out of all the ones that I have seen it has to 2006 it was a superb race with all sorts of chaos and drama and button finally won.


    Quite many highlights come in my mind, even without checking F1F articles or Wikipedia.

    Hill’s surprising resurgence and the last lap drama in 1997. Ferrari’s clever pit stop strategy in 1998 that made Schumacher a championship contender again. Schumacher’s 4th title in 2001. Alonso’s 1st victory and MS lapped in 2003. A big-eyed Button in 2006. Outbreak of McLaren’s civic war in 2007. Hamilton’s comeback victory in 2009. Webber’s lucky win and Vettel’s anger in 2010.

    But Kovalainen’s first and, until today, only GP win in 2008 is the absolute highlight. I remember seeing Massa’s car ‘smoking’ and feeling sorry for him. Then, a couple of seconds later, I realised, WHO was leading the race now… I was jumping and screaming from joy.


    1998 and 2010 bar none. Races won by fantastic strategy – it was awesome to just see those cars bang in lap after lap after lap. Absolutely fantastic.


    1997! This was my first formula one race and a very exciting one with Hill leading until the final lap. The season ended with the disqualification of Schumacher and the winner of the 1997 Hungarian grandprix, Villeneuve, became World Champion.


    2006. The relief in seeing my favourite, Button, finally win from 14th on the grid in such a topsy-turvy race.


    2011 was probably the best I’ve seen live. I really enjoyed the 2008 GP for similar reason to @girts . I regret not watching the 2006 race live though.

    EDIT: Live as in watching it on TV at the time, not being at the race, unfortunately.



    It was a) my first ever F1 race to see live, and b) Button’s first ever race victory.

    We were in GA and sat to get a good spot from 8am on Sunday morning in the pouring rain. Got absolutely soaked, but the race was a classic, and well worth the race (we saw Pedro De La Rosa spin on the parade lap in front of us, which was comical) and loads of action into the corner before the tight section at the end of the lap throughout the race.

    And then Alonso retired, Button got his win, the sun came out and beers and jubilation was the order of the day.

    I’ve been back to Hungary on 2 subsequent occasions and always seen a Brit win – LOVE the place.

    Whenever I get to this time of year and I’m not at Hungary it makes me feel sad… Wish I was there for this weekend too.



    Spinning at the outside the race ring is always funny. Durung our first race we we enjoyed ukyo katayama spinning after the race was finished in front of us. Everyine could get on the track via the drainage system that year so the marchals had a big job keeping all the fans away from a F1 car without security. They even used fire extinguishers for that!


    Sorry for the text, iphone…


    2006 for me. Left breathless by a charged up Schumacher and Alonso. As mentioned Alonso’s first lap was the finest I’ve seen and would have easily been his greatest win. Was gutted when he retired but happy for Button although the moment was almost ruined by James Allen losing it in the commentary box.


    I don’t remember seeing the 2006 race, but just watched a fantastic onboard of Alonso’s first few laps:
    I know FA had, especially in the pre-Pirelli era, the habit of turning the steering wheel violently at corner turn-in, but to do so in the wet! Incredible also the lines he was driving. At half the corners you feel he’s about to understeer into the gravel, but he doesn’t, he just takes a very wide line and carries a lot of speed.

    The 2011 race deserves a mention, as it was quite an interesting and eventful race, although personally I was very disappointed with the way Hamilton’s race unfolded, from the second stint on slicks onwards. Up until that point, I still had good hope for a Hamilton resurgence, coming off the back of a great win in Germany, and although it seemed unlikely that Vettel could be seriously challenged for the title, there was still the hope that Lewis could give him a run for his money. That didn’t happen though.

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