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    Bucket Lists seem to be popular now-a-days. If you’re unaware what a Bucket List, it is basically just a list of things someone wants to do before they die.

    I thought it would be interesting for people to leave their Formula 1 related Bucket List here. (I hope this is posted in the right category?)

    I’ll kick it off with a few things I would like to do before I die, F1 related of course:
    Go to Spa
    Go to Silverstone
    Go to Monaco
    Go to Winter testing
    Visit the RBR factory


    Go to Spa
    Go to Silverstone
    Go to Monaco
    Go to Melbourne
    Go to Montreal

    sbl on tour

    not all F1, but motor racing related

    go to the daytona 500,
    go to indianapolis 500
    go to night race at bristol
    go to the brazilian gp
    go to goodwood festival of speed
    drive route 66
    drive mille miglia route

    go back to monza, maranello and monte carlo


    Go to Monaco
    Go to Spa
    Go to Silverstone
    Go to Melbourne
    Go to Monza
    Go to the MTC :-)


    I assume these are GP’s otherwise its just visiting places with tracks…


    Break onto the old banking at Monza is a definite


    1. Take charge of Formula 1 (shouldn’t be too hard)
    2. Fire Hermann Tilke (or at least appoint more than one official track designer, with new events able to choose between them freely)
    3. Hold a fan consultation to decide which tracks should be dropped, which should be reinstated and which countries should get new ones (would anyone really miss Valencia?)
    4. Change the fee system so that Grands Prix can actually make a profit without having to put their prices beyond the reach of most people, and issue fines to events which don’t sell at least 90% of their tickets (I’ll never be as rich as Bernie, but I’m sure I’ll still make enough money to get by)
    5. Renegotiate with the teams so that they have a greater say in the running of the sport, on the condition that they accept new technical regulations with the aim of making it possible for cars to follow and pass each other without the dirty air problem (once that’s fixed, DRS can be scrapped)
    6. Change the calendar so that the closest races geographically will be paired up to take place on consecutive weekends, with longer breaks in between and a maximum of 18 races per season (to make the sport more environmentally friendly without crippling the engines)
    7. Try to get a thirteenth team onto the grid (there aren’t enough seats at the moment to give all deserving drivers a chance)
    8. Appoint a fixed panel of stewards, who will no longer change from race to race (to improve consistency)
    9. Allow limited in-season testing for teams to try out new things – the drivers have to be under a certain age and not currently racing in F1 (special dispensation could be given to drivers returning from injury)
    10. Force F1 to be shown on free-to-air channels in as many countries as possible, and bring back an official online stream for a reasonable price


    Go to Suzuka
    Go to New Jersey
    Go to Silverstone
    Go to Monza
    Go to Milton Keys Red Bull Racing fabric
    Drive the safety car
    Play Backgamon with Bernie Ecclestone
    Play Badminton with Kimi and Vettel
    Play a drinking vodka game with Kimi
    Spend an afternoon with Vettel and count how many times he saids “for sure”


    I’d like to attend a Grand Prix in Monza sooner or later (possibly in a year when Ferrari are doing well and have chances of winning);
    I’d also like to have a job in the F1 world, but I still have no idea what it could be. I still dream of becoming a driver, but it’s out of question unfortunately. Car designer? Engineer? Team principal? The easiest probably would be commentator: I’d follow F1 every year and meet all the drivers and team personnel despite not needing specific degrees in difficult subjects. I still hope for the driver option of course ;)


    Work as an engineer for McLaren.


    Attend the Montreal GP (my home GP)
    Attend the Monaco GP
    Attend the Singapore GP
    Attend the Spa GP
    Get a tour of the MTC and drive the F1 Simulator

    Revisit the Abu Dhabi GP but this time get seats where I actually know whats going on.

    Keith, just curious as to what you would have on your F1 bucket list?


    Sau Paulo


    Abu Dhabi


    Touch the RB7 or R25, or MP4-22
    Meet Fernando Alonso
    Drive in either a Ferrari, Aston Martin or a Porsche on an F1 track
    Beat Karthikeyan’s time in a simulator
    Tell Ron Dennis that getting rid of Fernando and keeping Hamilton was a “sheer sign of stupidity”
    Get drunk with Kimi Raikkonen

    Unfortunately, I’m never going to get the chance to drive an F1 car, but if by some miracle of nature, I were to become ridiculously rich….then I would buy an F1 team!

    And for the normal stuff ..

    Go watch a race live at –
    1) Spa (almost did in 2009, but had to cancel due to work issues)
    2) Monza
    3) Monaco
    4) Silverstone (I will be going next year thanks to the prediction championship!)


    Go to every single race in a single season.

    I think this is quite possible within a £20k budget whilst also managing work (on a 25 day holiday per annum). Now this does not cover watching all practice sessions but i’d like to try and get all qualifying sessions. Depart on Friday evening, return Sunday evening for European races and take a day off for each international event. Longer where they are back to back in the space of a week.


    1) Watch F1 cars go through Tabac and Swimming pool chicane in qualifying
    2) Watch a wet Belgian GP from the top of Eau Rouge
    3) Do a few laps in an F1 car (the kind of thing Renault does for fans)
    4) Indy 500

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