Formula 1 ‘Bucket List’

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    1) do a Spa track day
    2) do a Nordschliefe track day
    3) go to Spa (2012 :D)
    4) experience the atmosphere at Monza
    5) go back to Yas Marina, but this time when there is a Gp there ;)

    Stephen Jones

    1) Sunbake on the Banking at Monza
    2) join in with the 1000’s of Alonso supporters at a Catalunyan Grandstand at the race start
    3) Get into the F1 Paddock, even if only for a tour
    4) Chill at Albert Park lake in the Afternoon glow before the race start
    5) Drive an Open-Wheel Racecar
    6) Camp out in the rain with the fanatics at Silverstone
    7) Watch F1 Cars from an apartment building (try Monaco, Melbourne, Valencia, etc)
    8) Go to Winter Testing
    9) Get a COTD

    nice thread!


    Drive around the old Nurbergring with nobody else on track.
    Go see a gp at Spa when its wet.


    -do the full camping weekend at silverstone (getting to do this for my 21st next year =D )
    -do a grid walk in monaco
    -sit by eau rouge during a race
    -got to the canadian gp
    -drive one of the classic tracks

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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