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    Does anyone else having massive issues with subscription?

    I subscribed from the new mobile app and while it says ‘Subscription Active’, it still tells me to upgrade when I want to see extra information on the live tabs – and it promptly navigates me to the Store where it says – yeah, you guessed it, ‘Subscription Active’…

    I checked my bank account and it turned out that my bank have not yet transferred the fee which I requested yesterday after the normal service period ended at 5pm local time.

    So that’s it for the mobile app, I then tried to at least get the free trial on the desktop version considering the Formula 1 Twitter account already said the two will be merged some day before the trial period ends.

    The problem is, the new Formula1.com desktop site only have ‘Sign In’ and ‘Learn More’ links on the upper right corner and I simply can’t find any ‘Register’ buttons…

    On the top of all these problems, I found out that even the best sector times and the top speed figures are now gone from the free part of the site making things even more annoying.

    That’s the very definition of being stuck, I think.

    What’s oyur take on the subscription process? Did you have smooth sailing or did you have somewhat similar problems to me?

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