Frijns dropped from Sauber

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Perhaps Frijns should’ve swallowed his pride and sought after some funding.

    I don’t think Frijns has ever put forward the belief that he deserves to be judged on his talent and his talent alone. I think he’s been looking for funding, but he has struggled to find it. There aren’t many Dutch sponsors willing to get involved – the only reason why Giedo van der Garde has any is because of his familial connection to McGregor.

    If Frijns wants to get on the grid, then I think his best shot is Williams. I could see Toto Wolff using his influence to get Valtteri Bottas promoted to Force India with a nice engine subsidy for the team (but I also think they’d be getting a decent driver). This would create a vacancy at Williams. Of course, Frijns needs funding, but that problem is solved by the team’s existing sponsors. They get money from the Astana Group, a collection of businesses run by the Kazakh government to promote Kazakhstan. And since they don’t have the demand for a Kazakh driver, they’re not picky about who they back. They supported Daniel Juncadella through the junior ranks, and admittedly enough, he’d be the front-runner if Bottas (or Maldonado) left the team and Astana wanted to step up the level of investment. But given Frijns’ credentials and the popular demand for him to be in Formula 1, I think Astana would listen.

    But it’s a remote chance. I think the ship has sailed and Frijns won’t be making the transition to Formula 1 any time soon – if ever.


    @prisoner-monkeys that’s too many ifs and a little bit unrealistic for me. FI had their own path on Calado and it would be pretty hard trying to put somebody there. Beside, I never heard such relationship between Wolff and Frijns, and Astana is not bringing so much cash I guess.

    Williams would be perfect choice for any youngsters to come in. Hakkinen has admitted that he’s working hard to ensure Bottas still on the grid next year and that sparks speculation. Bottas is good enough but the current car is not. Since Maldonado is relatively secure with PDVSA backing, we know which seat would be sacrificed if Williams another driver/money were coming along.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Read it again. There is no need fir a relationship between Wolff and Frijns. Wolff simply uses his influence to get Bottas into a faster Mercedes-powered car. His involvement begins and ends there. Frijns would then take the seat with backing from Astana if Astana want to get more involved in Formula 1.


    Regarding Frijns’ F1 ambitions; there is some (Dutch) talk about Force India co-owner Michiel Mol trying to get Frijns into Force India next year, provided they don’t retain their current pair and don’t need additional sponsorship. Very much speculation, since Michiel Mol supported the decision to drop Christijaan Albers from Spyker mid-season 2007 and never really had Giedo van der Garde’s back when Force India didn’t take him up for the role he signed on for with Spyker in 2008.

    Frijns has signed with Just Sports Marketing, which is owned by Ralph Manheim. There is little to find about either owner or business, but hopefully it’ll enable him to find some sponsorship. Werner Heinz will remain his sporting manager and Robin Frijns released a statement I won’t translate because it is his usual passive drivel about hope and getting a chance, mixed with some PR.


    @npf1 Interesting, that. Now Frijns needs to play his part, and he can do that by just keeping quiet.

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