Going to 2014 pre-season testing at Jerez

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    Discussion thread for anyone planning a trip to the first pre-season test of 2014 at Jerez in Spain from January 28th to 31st.


    Hi all,
    Currently stuck in the middle with regards to this event as I understand it may be delayed by a week!

    Would be great get to some feedback from anyone who has been before.
    Thanks Clinton


    @Clinton, as far as I understand, Lotus want the test delayed by a week because they are behind schedule, but I understand that all other “top teams” have blocked such a move because presumably they are on schedule and want the cars on track as soon as possible.


    I,m considering going can anyone tell me if they charge for entrance to the circuit and stands and if so how much?

    Steve Mumford

    Email from the circuit last week confirmed entrance cost of €10 and €20. Presumably child and adult and the same as Barcelona last year.


    Viewing tips, from Jenson Button!

    You want to be out on circuit at the tricky corners, even turn 2/3 [at Jerez] will be tough to get the power down. You need a throttle pedal that is a metre long to control the torque.




    All booked to attend Jerez, just seen this on the circuit website…

    ” The Circuito de Jerez hosts 28 to January 31 the only Formula One test groups programmed in Spanish soil during 2014. The presence of all the teams that are part of the Championship which was first able to see the new cars with new technical specifications that take effect for the 2014 Grand Prix season is expected.
    Ticket Prices:
    General Admission € 10 (Grandstand X-1)
    Grandstand € 20 VIP (Front to the pits)
    Note: Entries are per day. The sale will be held at the Jerez Circuit lockers during the days of workouts.
    We will expand information”

    Does this mean only 2 grandstands are open?

    I have heard previously that you could roam around the circuit.

    Any ideas how busy it gets?


    Paddock Club tickets (or same) to theses events? if so how much??


    Couple of companies offer paddock club style packages, costs are £200-250 per person per day


    Was thinking of going to this. Can anyone give as much info as poss about Flights, where best to stay and most of all the access you get at the Circuit, I too was under the impression one was allowed in the Paddock area with the Circuit Ticket or do you definitely have to have a VIP pass from one of these Companies mentioned ? When I saw it on Tv this year there were loads of normal Fans (not your usual VIP do gooders) roaming around paddock area, surely they didn’t all coff up £250 for the pleasure…or did they ?

    Any Info greatly appreciated Cheers


    Got the flight now traveling to malaga then transfer to jerez. I’m sure there will be a F1 atmosphere in the jerez but not sure where is best to stay, with like minded folk!

    Just about to get my tickets for hospitality suit but totally blind as there is not much in regards to reviews on this topic!

    Steve Mumford

    I’ve been to the Barcelona tests for the last six years but as this is not an option this year I’m now thinking of Jerez in a couple of weeks.
    As I’ve got a new job that starts on Thursday I can only get to Jerez for the first day, so I need to make the best of the time.
    Question: I’m hoping to get a lot of photos but need advice from anyone that’s already been to the circuit as to the best corners to view from where the cars are going relatively slow and the circuit fencing can be avoided.
    Any thoughts?

    Tom C

    I’m also wondering about the ticketing and VIP Access, I emailed the circuit and they said more information would be forthcoming in the next week, so let’s wait and see. I’ve booked my flights to attend the fourth day of testing. I’m flying into Seville and then catching a train into Jerez airport (1 hour journey, €18 return) and then a taxi to and from the circuit (€56 return). My first ever live F1 experience and I am very very excited about it!

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