Going to testing in 2012

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    Keith Collantine

    There are four test sessions currently planed for 2012 – three pre-season and one before the ‘European season’ begins.

    You can Find the dates for this year’s tests in the F1 Fanatic Calendar.

    Are you going to any of this year’s tests? Share details below.


    I’d like to!! but airplane ticket from Korea to Spain is too expensive to a student…


    Flying out to the Costa del sol on Tuesday 7th and driving up to jerez on Wednesday and Thursday cant wait to hear them engines again……..


    I’m all booked for the last test in Barcelona, fingers crossed it will be a bit warm and we will see a fair bit of car action as it’s the last test before Oz. Flying out first thing Thur and back on Sun evening, so should be at the track all 4 days. I’m not the least bit excited ;-P


    Mmmm, tempted by the Mugello one. Will definitely be warm by then, and I guess that’s the time of year the San Marino Grand Prix used to take place. There may be a break between races then – who knows whether the Bahrain race will actually happen?


    I’m looking at going to the Barcelona test in march. Cheap as chips style but finding info a little difficult to find and the ball ache of getting to the track from Barcelona city centre! But having said that I really want to see these 2012 cars. Anybody else thinking of going?


    I shall be heading to the final test….. £30 for return flight with ryanair and the circuit is cheap to get to from Barcelona using the train….

    @steve: from barcelona you get the train that came from the airport heading to Granollers central…. Get off at montmelo and then it is about 20min walk to the circuit…. Really easy to find. The train is also really cheap, you can get 10 trips for €7.


    Sounds like u have done this before! Flights are now booked just need to find somewhere cheap to bed down. I’ve seen plenty of places online. Hopefully see you there lamo 2741.thanks for the info!


    Barcelona sounds easy to get to without a car, great for someone who isn’t old enough to rent a car! I don’t fancy a 1000 mile drive to Spain, I won’t be going this year but I’m tempted to go next year.


    is there anything to see at a test?

    I always thought it would be like watching a free practice session, except spread out over more time.


    Oh and if your going to the final test, don’t forget about the fans forum at 7:30pm in Barcelona on the 29th…..


    We decided to stay up coast rather than Barcelona. we are staying in Calella, which is a crappy sea side resort 40min drive from the track. As it’s the oppisite dircetion than Barcelona there is no real traffic and it’s easier to find parking. It’s also really cheap, we are staying in an all inclusive double room for a single person three nights £102!!! that’s a 4+ star hotel, there were 3 star even cheaper!

    @lamo2741 £30 for flight!!! I hoped we would be able to get something like that, but ended up paying £80 with easyjet. We booked back in Oct last year, and the same flight is now going for £160!!


    Hi everyone ! I’ll be at the last test in Barcelona, and I’m looking for a kind person to bring me to the circuit (I’ll pay for the fuel). I’ve not booked my hotel yet. Thanks for your help, Irfane.


    Hi guys. I want to go to the f1 test this thursday. Where can i buy a ticket? Can i buy the ticket at the circuit or do i need to buy it before? Thanks for you Infos in advanced.

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