Great quotes from interviews with Robert Kubica.

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    Hi all, i’ve just stumbled upon a Polish site which gathered some of Robert’s best answers to sometimes absurdly stupid questions, i thought some of You may find it entertaining as i did, so i translated them to english:

    Interviewer: I have read somewhere that the smell you remember best from your childhood was the fumes. Can you tell me, how does the fumes smell like?

    Robert: Fumes? It depends on which fuel do you use. In gokarts we use mixed fuel, meaning you add oil to fuel.

    Interviewer: How did it smell like?

    Robert: Good fuel with good oil smells like sweet forest fruits. It’s like… raspberries.

    Interviewer: Have you seen your crash on TV?

    Robert: Yeah, I have even seen it live.

    Interviewer: Would You accept an offer to advertise condoms? There’s rubber and there’s…

    Robert: Like ‘you need to keep safe in life and on the roads’?

    Interviewer: That’s a perfect slogan. Copywriters spend their whole life coming up with something like this and get pringles on thier asses from it!

    Interviewer: How much of your next year plans depend on you, and not the others, the circumstances, the people? And on the other hand, your popularity. I know that sometimes talking to journalists can be tough and their incompetence irritates you. But this popularity – a fourth grade kid from school that you attended runs around and says: I have Robert’s autograph. And so on! Does it make you happy, or emotional? Or do you have your work to do and don’t think about it now?

    Robert: Well i’ll answer the second question because i practically forgot the first one…

    Interviewer: Australia is a country famous for people who value their freedom, fun, their coolness…

    Robert: And their kangaroos.

    Interviewer: Today some Polish newspaper announced that you don’t like driving in rain. Is that true? Because i think you are very good in rain.

    Robert: If you plan to quote from polish newspapers, you’ll find a lot of absurd stuff. I’ve always enjoyed driving in rain and i performed very well. I suppose they just had to fill some free space.

    Interviewer: Tell me, do your thoughts while you’re driving can catch up with these huge speeds?

    Robert: I’ll say this – i don’t think much.

    Interviewer: Six hours time change, 34 degrees celsius, humidity.. how do you cope with all theese?

    Robert: As usual, very good.

    Interviewer: Do you remember your first days in F1? What has made the biggest impact on you, did anything surprise you at all?

    Robert: The car.

    Interviewer: Robert, tell me, are you any good at something? I don’t mean driving, what are your other talents?

    Robert: Talents? I don’t know. I can play pick-up sticks.

    Interviewer: What decided that the team contracted you instead of other experienced driver?

    Robert: Speed.

    Interviewer: Before the new season, there’s a lot of talk about return of KERS. What’s your view on the system that two years ago caused more trouble than it did help?

    Robert: It’s difficult talking about the system when i haven’t been driving the car yet.

    Interviewer: Your car looks completely different this season, does it have any meaning for you what is the car’s colour?

    Robert: If the car is fast it can even be pink.

    Interviewer: What are your plans for next season?

    Robert: To drive a racing car and score the best possible places.

    Interviewer: Robert, first of all huge congratulations. Tell us, how does it feel to be the first Polish driver in F1 to start from pole position?

    Robert: Well, i guess it’s just the same feeling as a Polish driver starting from sixth.

    Interviewer: Describe yourself in three words.

    Robert: Straight and ambitious.

    Interviewer: Where would you like to see Polish F1 circuit to be built?

    Robert: I don’t care. In 10-15 years i won’t be driving in F1 anymore, so it won’t make any difference.

    Interviewer: Let’s get to this gorgeus machine first. Can you describe it in few words?

    Robert: It’s a gokart. It has four wheels, an enginge…

    Interviewer: Which race do you remember best?

    Robert: None.

    Interviewer: Not a lot of time had passed since your Australian success. Tell us, how are the preparations going for the Malaysian GP?

    Robert: Well, the preparations are going pretty normally.

    I’m not sure wether to laugh at his responses or frown over the idiocy of Polish journalists. It’s however great to see that someone in F1 can sometimes forget about corporate talk and have a bit of fun during the interview. Jenson Button had a good bit of those as well. Please, share your most memorable quotes from other F1 drivers if you remember some. Thanks :)


    Good ones, thanks for sharing!

    That one from pre-season was great, Kubica was asked if it was his dream to drive for Lotus.

    “I think Lotus is our sponsor. At least from what I know it is a sponsor. So I could also say it is my dream to drive for Total. I think it would be different if Lotus owned the team and were fully involved into the team.


    Those are pretty good actually. Polish journos can be some of the most obnoxious out there about pumping up national pride – it’s good to see that Kubica’s a cool cat. Sort of a Kimi without the rudeness.

    Ned Flanders

    I always wish I could listen to (and understand) drivers speak in their own languages. Some of them clearly struggle with English, and I bet they have some great stuff to say in their native tongue


    Ned: I’m here to help, at least with Robert’s interviews. I am practicing very hard to master my Enlish language, i am aware that i’m still making mistakes, but the ability to listen to English broadcasts without subtitles opens up a huge spectrum of great shows to watch. For starters, the superb BBC F1 coverage, i watch every F1 race with wolrd feed in HD from TV on mute and live streamed BBC One audio coverage from PC. The sound is a bit off but being able to listen to Martin and David’s commentary makes up for it instead of rubbish Polish comentators.

    Also, shows like QI (insanely tough to follow for foreigners but purely awesome), all of David Attenborough’s documentaries, Christopher Hitchens debates and the lot helps to learn to fully appreciate the language. You Brits have no idea how lucky you are with shows to watch on TV, and the stuff on the Internet (like F1F articles and “The Flying Lap” for example).

    I’d love the opportunity to catch up with you guys someday and have a simple chat before the race at Silverstone.


    Some of those are brilliant! Your english is very good Randy, we get more mistakes in Keith’s main articles :P


    I always loved to listen to some people interview, Haikkinen, Schumacher & Raikkonen. After Canada 2008 Kubica was also in that list.

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