Grosjean tweets and deletes news of new Lotus deal

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    It appears Romain Grosjean has settled a new deal to drive a Lotus-Mercedes but may have been a bit too quick too announce it – this was hurriedly deleted from his Twitter account a few minutes ago:

    Sri Harsha

    its a good news considering the circus we’ve so far and i hope lotus confirms it soon


    If its true its not unexpected, next years louts might well be very competitive, as in the past when a team realises that the current car is not worth developing they put all resources into the next years car very early comparatively speaking, for example last years Williams compared to this years the change of engine etc. will also help


    I think this means that McLaren and Ferrari have officially (behind the scenes that is) locked in both positions, as he was apparently holding out on a Lotus deal in case a top drive came through. It seems like somebody had him set as a plan B (C?) reserve, but I don’t know who that could have been.


    Maybe he had to delete it when Lotus found out how much money Giedo van der Garde has in his back pocket!

    Phil Norman

    I think this is all a little strange. It’s almost as if someone agreed a deal with another team (meaning that Grosjean was safe) and then changed their mind again. Why would he need to withdraw it if it was definitely going to happen? I still think there is a very small possibility that there could be a surprise with Lotus. Magnusson losing his seat at McLaren perhaps otr Kimi at Ferrari? Or even Alsono’s talks with McLaren falling though? I expect we will know soon anyway.

    Sharon H

    I believe Gutierrez was spotted hanging around Lotus in Brazil.

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