Hamilton damaged his car pre-race at Silverstone

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    According to Martin Brundle, Lewis Hamilton said he damaged his car on his way to the grid at Silverstone:

    Lewis H just said going to grid in S/stone he hit a wet patch,ran wide +damaged the car.He’s very excited about development parts this w/end


    Surprising that this happened and wasn’t caught by the cameras, though perhaps everyone was busy watching Vitaly Petrov’s Caterham. I wonder if anyone saw what happened or, better yet, caught it on camera?


    Here’s what a follower on Twitter had to say:

    I did, it was on the Chapel curve. Same area that most of the drivers were hitting a patch when the track was drying. On Friday and Saturday when the track was wet, you could see a puddle had formed.


    I wonder why he first tweets this now.. Seems weird, so long after the event. There are a gazillion fans at Silverstone each and every year, so it seems very odd that this has first come out now…
    But if it isn’t just a bad timed April fool, or just a poor excuse to make McLaren look less in bad form (which seems unlikely from Brundle no?) then it could at least have been a part of the reason why his car was so useless in the race..
    Maybe Hamilton tried to hide the fact that there was damage so that it wouldn’t just sound like another racing drivers excuse…. Which also seems unlikely.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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