Hamilton on Vettel: "He is not unbeatable, his car is"

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    Loup Garou

    Stig Rennfaher<<<<

    Hamilton just seems to be so wrapped up in self-aggrandisement (made all the more shameful by including his ‘buddy’ Alonso) that he forgets the circumstances of his own time in F1. Since 2007, he has constantly been in a top 3 team – and even managed to leave McLaren just before everything went wrong for them, and moving to Mercedes, whose fortunes have improved – but somehow feels that he can criticise Vettel for consistently being up there.

    I know that one person or one team so consistently winning can be annoying for viewers of any sport (you just have to look at a lot of people’s attitude to Manchester United in Football (soccer) to see that this is the case), but I think it would be much more constructive for people (both professional and fans) to focus their ire on their own teams (or even just providing more positive and vocal support) to put the onus on them to improve and rise to the top – that is true support! >>>>>>

    Absolutely agree with everything mentioned here. Hamilton is making a fool of himself in the media by his ridiculously juvenile comments like “Vettel boring the fans and so he, Hamilton, ‘feels’ of them” one day and hailing Vettel as a “true champion” with a deliberate sarcastic tilt on the following day. Vettel’s calm response and generally minding his own business is a sign of maturity. Hamilton is so obviously jealous that another man, a German at that, has taken over the thunder that the Briton expected to get himself when he came into F1.

Viewing 61 post (of 61 total)
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