Hamilton & Schumacher comparrisons

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    With Hamilton wining his 40th career win at the 2015 Italian grand prix at monza i noticed there was a strange comparsion with Schumacher in 2000. Both drivers have lost wins in Spa, Schumacher won his 41st race at monza.

    Hamilton would have won his 41st at monza if Merecdes/ Hamilton hadnt got the strategy so wrong in Monaco


    Shoulda woulda coulda, if my auntie had cajones she would be my uncle etc.

    Schumi was in a different league to Hamilton imo


    Hamilton would have won his 41st career victory in Spa if the stewards weren’t so harsh in the 2008 race on top of what happened in Monaco. Schumacher might have won his 41st race at Spa in 2001 had he not crashed out at the start of the 2000 German GP. Point being it’s a rather insignificant comparison.

    Caroline Geddes

    I wonder if Hamilton would want to be compared to Schumaker. Thankfully Hamilton appears to be less willing to put others into deliberate jeopardy to win races. Winning at all costs sounds cool – but not if you are putting other people’s lives at risk – something that Schumaker appears to have done on more than one occasion.


    Hamilton doesn’t appear to mind being compared with Senna who did exactly the same thing as Scumacher

    Caroline Geddes

    Haha – I agree with you my friend – I was actually arguing that point with myself after I posted. It doesn’t change the fact though that Hamilton has not as yet seemed to follow his hero in that direction.


    Sam said it the best. You can’t really compare Hamilton to Schumacher, as the latter was much better.


    Hamilton’s got time on his side to rack up the stats Schumi has

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