Hamilton to Lotus?

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    I was wondering this afternoon why nobody’s seriously considered this so far (at least that I’ve seen). A driver of Hamilton’s calibre should have his pick of the top teams (I don’t think that Lewis will consider a move to a team where he won’t be contesting for wins).

    The pros and cons of a Mercedes move vs staying with McLaren have been well discussed. Red Bull’s the seat he probably wants more than any, but they’ve finalised Vettel and Webber for 2013. And the potential politics making a move to Ferrari unlikely are also well known.

    But why has noone mentioned the idea of a seat at Lotus alongside Kimi? They’ve still to confirm Kimi’s teammate for next year, and whilst Grosjean (to my eyes) has impressed, they’d surely snap Lewis up given the opportunity.

    Hamilton wants a competitive car, a positive working environment, and to be able to keep the trophies he wins. Lotus would tick all those boxes, and what’s more they’re a team on the up. I also think Lewis would relish the chance to measure himself against Raikkonen, having usually had the measure of his last two teammates. Lastly, I think Lewis would like the idea of driving for another of Senna’s past teams (farcical Lotus name-swapping notwithstanding!).

    This is just speculation on my part, nothing more. But the idea must have crossed Lewis’s mind – after all, Raikkonen’s Lotus is currently ahead of him in the championship (and way ahead of both Mercedes drivers).

    Anyone agree?


    Eric Boulier was fundamental in bringing Grosjean back… I doubt he´ll drop him. Grosjean has had a rough season, maybe a bit impatient at times but he demonstrated in Singapore that he is a team player by abiding to team orders and he´s fast too…


    What’s Lotus’ budget?

    The only reason Mercedes is in the running is because they’re well-funded (running a works team, offering a big salary etc.). I’m not sure Lotus has the backing to do that.


    James Allen has said that Gerard Lopez told him that Genii are having to top up expenditures at the team despite them having picked up additional sponsorship and partners over the course of the season. This may or may not have something to do with higher than projected outlays because they are competing at a higher level than expected, but regardless, I think it’s safe to say they don’t have the kind of funding Mercedes does.

    Regardless of all of that, I don’t think Hamilton is considering Lotus and Lotus isn’t seriously considering drivers other than who they have at the moment.


    Wasn’t Hamilton suppose to announce his new contract extension before Singapore? Hey, wasn’t Lewis going to announce his new contract extension during the Summer break? Hell, wasn’t he going to announce it before Silverstone?


    @Kingshark I think the latest rumour was that he was going to announce his decision, be it a contract extension or a move elsewhere, tomorrow, i.e. Wednesday. We will see whether that comes to pass.

    Boxcar Racer

    I think Hamilton will stay at McLaren, Schumacher will sign on for another year at Mercedes and Massa will somehow cling on for another year at Ferrari.

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