Hamilton’s seasons, best to worst

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    Craig Woollard

    Interesting question really.

    I’d put 2012 as by definitely his strongest season. He did not put a foot wrong that season. The car and the team let him down.

    Second probably comes 2014. By no means was it a flawless season in a dominant car, but he delivered some mighty fine drives in it.

    I’d stick 2010 next. A mega middle part of the season was ruined by two daft errors in Belgium and Singapore. Other than that he had a really solid year. Strange really as nobody particularly stood out that year except for Robert Kubica, but Hamilton arguably made the fewest mistakes.

    Next comes 2007 for me. Yes he beat Alonso, but it was clear to see that Alonso did not drive as well that year as say this season. Mega impressive, but lacked a tiny bit when it mattered it seemed.

    It seems so weird to stick 2008 here, but I remember the amount of silly mistakes that Hamilton made that season. He was unlucky with punctures at times and by rules that didn’t actually exist (Spa) but he also cost himself a lot of points with silly moves at Canada and Japan. Despite this, he delivered his two greatest wins to date this season, at Britain and Germany.

    2009 is next. He almost seemed frustrated by the piece of junk that McLaren turned up with. Then Hungary came along and he took a brilliant, opportunistic win. His Singapore win was of absolute class as well.

    2013 comes afterwards. First and only time to date that a team mate has won more races than him in a season. His Hungary win was of typical Hamilton fashion. However, Rosberg had the upper hand more frequently than he did this year.

    2011 has to be bottom. Far too erratic. The fact that he had a bad season yet took three wins backs this up. Two of his three wins that year were absolutely fantastic, but he decided that Felipe Massa was a target more often than not. Button was better that season.


    First is 2010. yeah he made some error but McLaren was 3rd fastest car at that year for me he outperformed his car and failure in Spain and Hungary ultimately cost him the championship. Singapore I say Webber mistake and Italy was racing incident. Plus its not easy to won in that car on normal conditions (Button won 2 races on changing conditions)
    2012 is second, because none of his mistakes cost his championship (Bahrain, Spain, Europe, Germany, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Brazil) and without that he would trash Button in the points. But he sometimes underperformed too like in Australia, Japan, Belgium Qualy, Britain.
    2007 was the next, yeah he was rookie but in my view he was backed by McLaren, and have a lot of mileages before the season, still have a great year though.
    Fourth was 2009, his car was poor and he outperformed his car, but Australia in my view kept me to put him in top 3.
    Fifth was this year, he could’ve made life way more easier this year, and he should have the title before Abu Dhabi, he made quite a lot of mistakes and did not maximise everything, although Rosberg also made a lot of mistakes. But again he still brilliant when he had his day
    He won the championship in 2008 but the reason he ranked 6th is because he had some luck winning it and some mistakes (Bahrain, Canada, I said he deserve the championship in 2010, 2014, and 2007) Massa could win Hungary and Singapore without his bad luck. But its not a bad season overall for Hamilton
    2013 is the next, I rated Rosberg season better and I shocked that he showed Rosberg some lesson several times (Spain, Monaco, India, Abu Dhabi) yes he have races like Britain and Hungary but this is not I expected for Hamilton season. And Rosberg have more bad luck compare to Hamilton.
    2011 is his worst season to me, his atitude was terrible and on track he outclasses by Button, all his podium finishes are very good performamce but other than that he had a bad year, but I’m happy that he learned a lot from this year


    1. 2012
    2. 2014
    3. 2010
    4. 2007
    5. 2009
    6. 2008
    7. 2013
    8. 2011

    Sri Harsha




    Iestyn Davies

    Here’s a ranking from F1metrics’ comments section. Lewis’ consistency in 2007 makes it his best season by points scored, ahead of this year and 2009. 08, 10, and 12 probably drop from crashes; I might have 2010 as his best season, ahead of 2007, 2012 or 2014.

    “Despite common perception, they actually had one of the larger gaps as team-mates. They were certainly very close over one lap, but Hamilton almost always had a race advantage. I feel like this perception came from:

    1) Similar one lap pace, coupled with Hamilton’s frequent qualifying issues.

    2) Mercedes being so dominant that, excluding reliability issues, you’d finish second even with a poor performance.

    3) A small points swing per race, as reliability is a bigger factor than usual. Hamilton suffered much more unreliability in the first half of the season, to Nico’s 1 retirement and ERS failure, though this evened out over the course of the season.

    4) Hamilton’s lacklustre 2013 season – his first season in a new team, struggling with the brakes, while Rosberg was in his fourth season at the team. The result was a close points battle (189-171) despite Rosberg suffering more mechanical retirements, giving the impression that the two were very closely matched.

    This season Hamilton seemed much further ahead of Rosberg – 11 wins to 5, but, Monaco/Spa excluded, and races where one driver suffered a mechanical issue in the race or qualifying, then Rosberg only beat Hamilton twice – Austria and Brazil (both times Hamilton spun, yet still finished 2 seconds behind), and never overtook Hamilton on track.

    To get an idea of how likely Rosberg is to beat Hamilton next year, I took the ppr values of Hamilton’s career performances and added them to a graph that also included Hamilton and Rosberg’s 2014 ppr values. This was the result: https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/579x250q90/r/537/yY31gk.png

    Interestingly, all of Hamilton’s seasons best Rosberg’s 2014, apart from 2011. This suggests that, unless Hamilton suffers another 2011-esque meltdown or reliability issues, Rosberg will need to up his game fairly significantly to beat him – even Hamilton’s second worst season (2013) is around 0.35 ppr higher than Rosberg’s 2014.

    If Hamilton continues at this level (8.23, 1.09 ppr higher than Rosberg) or even improves next year, it will be tough for Rosberg to beat him – being in his 10th season of F1, huge improvements between seasons aren’t expected (although Hamilton did have a jump of around 0.7 ppr from 2013-2014, from settling into the team and being comfortable with the car).

    It’s difficult to make a reliable judgement without seeing the model’s data of Rosberg’s previous career performances – I presume he performed very well in the past, though I am not sure how reliable the comparison to Schumi is given his age & years away from the sport (evidenced by Rosberg falling to 15th ‘all-time’, if 2010 comparison with Schumi is excluded).”

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