Has the Soap Opera become more exciting than the race?

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    I find I read this site most days and love reading the articles and the comments but I’ve started to wonder is the soap opera that is F1 become more exciting than the race itself. I may be jumping the gun after a poor first race but I find reading about red bull and the problems with renault, the constant articles about tyres and DRS , who will drive where next year, pay drivers, teams going under, CVC taking all the money and many othey subjects apart form the racing itself.
    I’ve been to many GP’s and have been lucky to have had a good race most times, espcecially Hungary 2014 and Valencia 2012 but this year is the first time in 7 years that im considering not going.
    The first race was poor but to me thats not the main problem, its the weekend itself, to pay for a weekend ticket is very expensive and when you know the result before you walk in on saturday it certainly takes the fun out of going or watching. then the race itself is pretty straight forward at the front unless it rains or we get a safety car. I dont have a car being dominant but dont like thats the engine plays such a big part, how can any team make major strides forward if it does not have the right engine?.

    maybe im just complaining about engines and had not really realised it till i wrote this, but i always prefer F1 when the team which built a great car or found a great innovation had a chance of winning . As it is the best car has the best chassis and unfortnelty thats has lead to a 1.3 sec lead in qly and even as a fan of 20 years im finding it hard to get excited about.

    Ivan Vinitskyy

    All I hear is comparisons to what we used to have. Time moves on and things change. You’re not going to get the high you used to have when manufacturers ended up having similarly performant cars. This is sport after all and fairness needs to stay even if it eats into entertainment factor. Amount of complainers on this subject feels to have increased lately but I’m wondering if its just nostalgia and nothing more…


    I dislike the soap opera. I wish it could only be about the racing. I have no interest in hearing people fighting and moaning. Racing is the only thing that matters.

    Mackeine Loveine

    @trigger Lucky you on going to those races!
    In some points yes,it is more like a soap opera than the SPORT it used to be. Now it looks like the WWE of motor racing, as WEC is the UFC, just to give an example.


    I find I read this site most days and love reading the articles and the comments but I’ve started to wonder is the soap opera that is F1 become more exciting than the race itself.

    I love F1, every little part of it. I also love the drama off-track. I love the little racing that is still going on. If you really want to see some hard on-track action there is plenty of other racing. Only this weekend ELMS, WEC, MotoGP, IndyCar and F3 were all more exciting than F1. Then there is V8Supercars, DTM, Blancpain Endurance and Sprint (This weekend saw 59 cars start 3H of Monza), …


    Maybe if we were talking about a season like 2003 or 2005, I’d agree. In seasons like that, the drama actively influenced the racing (notably both seasons had dealings with tyres that got blown up in the press). Not to mention even races with unexpected winners were often quite boring still.

    If we’re comparing drama, I’d go see the press conference in which Ross Brawn somehow successfully argues that the Michelin tyres have been illegal for 2.5 years over Rosberg throwing a hissy fit. Or even Montoya saying Schumacher is stupid for not seeing him at Imola. That was high impact drama.

    As for reporting on things that aren’t racing in between the races; no other major sport doesn’t have this. You want people to come back to your publication even on days when there isn’t any racing to report, so the daily motions of the sport are reported. Seeing as there are more days for the soap opera to develop than a race, it’s entirely possible ‘more’ happens off-track and some of it is exciting.


    But the team that built a great car and found a great innovation (in the PU) has a chance of winning, in fact they have won 2 out of 3 this year, and the next best team has won 1 out of 3, so what’s the problem.

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