Have you had to cancel your race trip this year?

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    Has the pandemic affected your plans to visit a race this year? Have you had to cancel plans to go to an F1 race or round of another championship – IndyCar, WEC, Formula E?

    Let us know below.


    I only had provisional plans, so I wasn’t badly affected. I had no F1 plans (I’m not too keen on watching that in person), but I wanted to go to the WTCR rounds that were to be in close proximity to me, so Hungaroring, Slovakiaring and Salzburgring, and maybe one MotoGP race at Brno or the Red Bull Ring and a GT event, and I had nothing booked (although they would have been mostly one-day trips by car) or no tickets bought, but still a shame. However even if they are held with spectators, I won’t attend this year.


    Like Hunocsi, I had no tickets booked, but had planned to go to the Belgian grand prix and the Paris ePrix at the very least, and quite possibly a couple of the BTCC rounds at some point.

    Alianora La Canta

    Yes. I’d planned to attend the Formula E race in London and the WEC/ELMS round in Silverstone, but neither of them are happening.

    Still unsure if I will be able to see Shaun Tarlton race his new Miodified car; I promised I’d look into it but I don’t want to buy any tickets until I know or are reasonably confident what dates things are happening on. I am still trying to find out if I will be able to learn how to marshal this year (the paperwork is proving more complicated than expected), which would be a good consolation.

    My family was going to compete in the Corporate Games karting in Lancaster… …we decided we probably couldn’t afford it two weeks before they cancelled (a few days back). At least one of the local karting tracks is set to re-open next week (I forget which one), but our family has agreed to wait and see how the social distancing is going to work before attending. Still, we suspect we will be karting before there is any F1 for us to watch on TV.

    My 10 km running race trip in Silverstone has also been cancelled. I generally pair that with a visit to Racing Point’s reception, but in the nicest possible way, I don’t think they want to see my face in their building right now either ;) For that matter, the first running race that’s still scheduled for me is the town half-marathon in mid-October. That’s how pessimistic people are near me when it comes to mass sporting events. (Even music concerts are more confident – I have two that have been rescheduled for September).

    Edited to add: everything I had paid for was refunded immediately, and I hadn’t bought a ticket for any motorsport activities at the point of lockdown.

    Ben Needham

    As with the people above I had nothing booked, but I was due to be moving to the USA for my wife’s work and had hoped therefore to try and get to one/some of Austin, Montreal, Mexico City or the Indy 500. All those plans have been postponed as no visa applications are being processed at the moment, so it might just have to be all four of them next year in order to catch up!

    I feel worst for my brother who is a Haas mechanic and was about to embark on his first full Formula One season and went all the way to Australia for a cancelled Grand Prix and has been sitting at home waiting ever since!


    Had tickets to both days of the Formula-E at the excel – its been cancelled but it was refunded very quickly.

    Unlike the flights & car hire I had booked for the North West 200 (my parents have a place that looks out on the track – but they’ve decided to sell so it was going to be a last hurrah but alas it wasn’t to be). Luckily I’m not into a lot of money for that one and I can afford to wait it out – but its a pretty poor state of affairs to be still waiting for money from a cancelled flights 6/7 weeks after the fact.

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