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    One of the great features of F1 coverage this year is the helmet cam.

    We’ve seen it being used by at least one driver each weekend, usually one of the home racers – e.g. Ricciardo in Australia and Karthikeyan in Spain.

    Who would you like to see using the helmet cam in later races? I’m particularly hoping Raikkonen will have it for Spa…


    How obtrusive is it? Is there any reason for not giving one to every driver?


    I daresay its not a matter of how intrusive it is but how much extra data it feeds from the cars to the FOM feed, but i suppose they have however many cameras on the cars anyway


    As far as I’m aware, each F1 car has an onboard camera fitted at all times, but only 6 or 7 can be streaming to the TV truck at any given time due to bandwidth restrictions. So they could fit helmet-cams to all of the cars, but we can’t have 24 helmet cams to choose from at once.


    Hamilton in the stewards’ room…and Maldonado at Monaco, he’s a bit of a specialist round there.

    It’s great that you can see the displays inside the car now (lap delta / gear / speed etc). I’d have liked to see a bit more of the HRT one today, just to see how much more effort the driver has to put in. Would be good to compare with the driver of a front-running car.


    Maldonado at Monaco sounds good — like Kubica, he’s a street circuit specialist (although he’s proving to be pretty handy all round this season). I’d also like to see one on Kobayashi at some point to hopefully catch some of his overtakes, but they’ve been a bit thin on the ground in this era of DRS. Maybe at Suzuka to catch his moves at the hairpin.


    Used in Champ Car for years. Here’s 2 minutes plus of video from 2008.

    IndyCar now utilizes four cameras per car. 12 cars with four on-board cameras are planned for the Indianapolis 500 (48 different on track views). Interesting technology too, “The cameras will run from the car’s Cosworth auxiliary auxiliary power supply rather than on the former battery-based system, which will save space and reduce weight.”


    I would like to see schumacher. He usually makes up a few places at the start of races.


    i like the helmet camera, as well as the over-the-shoulder view on the old tapes.

    Tommo N7

    None of them. Don’t like the headache cam one bit.


    @bullfrog Agreed on Maldonado at Monaco, he’s a bit special there. And it’s not as if there’s a Venezuelan Grand Prix…

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