Did Rosberg set a record for longest stint?

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    Can you help settle an argument I had last night after watching the Russian grand prix, does anyone know if Rosberg has set a new record for the most laps on one set of tyres (i.e. 53 laps) in a competitive session or not?


    Depends on your definition: I guess for 2014 that’s correct (at least in terms of distance). But in the early days of Formula 1 tyres could be used for multiple races.


    During the race I thought back about the 1997 Monaco GP, where Mika Salo drove the entire race (61 laps) on the same rain tyres. But in terms of mileage it’s less than Rosberg did.

    Craig Woollard

    Back in 2005 drivers had to do qualifying (split between two sessions of three laps each – one out, one flying, one in) and the race so definitely not. In the Pirelli era however, Jenson Button managed 52 laps on the soft tyre at this years Monaco Grand Prix, Nico Hulkenberg managed 51 laps on the super-soft. Jean-Eric Vergne managed 53 laps on the soft in 2012 at Monaco but Sebastian Vettel managed 56 laps on the soft tyre in the 2011 race. However, the Monaco track is considerably shorter so Rosberg did set a record in a way in terms of the longest distance in a race on a set of Pirelli tyres since Pirelli became the sole Formula One tyre supplier in 2011.


    I imagine that during the days of unlimited track testing, tyres were regularly pushed well past this sort of distance. But it may well be a record for the longest distance covered in a single stint during a GP.


    Prior to the introduction of refueling in 1994 it wasn’t uncommon for drivers to go the whole race without stopping at all so Rosberg doing 53 laps isn’t a record.

    It is however the most laps done on a set of post-2010 Pirelli tyres over an official race weekend.


    that’s what I thought a record since Pirelli came in

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