Here is the real Sebastian Vettel

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    That’s only the second half of this season. The first have we saw a Mercedes that was faster than everyone on a single lap, a Ferrari with better race pace, and even a surprisingly strong Lotus. Even after the tyre change Alonso was constantly second after Vettel.

    And we don’t even need to talk about 2010 and 2012.


    @joeangersiii – It’s not just his team that say it though. The experts believe so too. In fact he’s said to even adapt his driving style in the simulator after every race, in order to get the most out of his car.


    And the top teams are still pretty strong. Evidently not as strong as Red Bull, but Ferrari, Lotus and Mercedes have had their moments, all winning races (Mercedes, who’ve been on the up since last year, achieving 8 of the first 10 poles, Ferrari having the strongest race pace in the first 5 races, Lotus sometimes challenging the Red Bulls, especially in Germany and Japan, despite their budget).

    Ed Marques

    I am a Hamilton fan also, but got a lot of respect for Vettel. He is the most complete driver on the grid today and seems a really nice guy. The one thing i don’t like about him it’s the complaints when someone makes his life difficult on track, but i guess every champion is like this.


    Nice interview that, thanks for the link. He still isn’t my favorite driver but you can’t help but admit he seems like a likeable, humble, down to earth chap. There is no way anyone can rationally or logically deny that what he has achieved to date is remarkable and thoroughly deserved.

    People often, and with good reason, make comparisons between Vettel and the early naughties Michael Schumacher. While there are a lot of similarities, for me one there is one key difference. Vettel seems to have learned that Schumacher’s distance and cold, professional demeanor at the circuit on race weekends during his first career turned potential fans off. Vettel is, at moments like this and when the circumstances allow it, a lot more open and genuine than Schumacher ever was.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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