Heroes and zeros: hypothetical team line ups

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    Ned Flanders

    So, I was lying in bed last night when an idea for a Forum thread suddenly appeared in my mind. And now that I’ve slept through my alarm and missed by lecture this morning, I have a bit of time to waste. Hopefully I’m not just ripping off an idea that’s been done before.

    Take the best two drivers from each teams history, and the worst two drivers from each teams history, and put them together to make either a really great or really terrible line up. It doesn’t prove anything, it’s just interesting (I hope). Here’s an example:


    Best line up: Jarno Trulli and Jean Alesi

    Worst line up: Shinji Nakano and Gaston Mazzacane

    Hopefully this makes sense. And, to avoid using the same drivers in lots of different teams I’d suggest limiting each driver to a single team, but that’s up to you. Here are a few more:


    Best line up: Alberto Ascari and Niki Lauda

    Worst line up: Luca Badoer and Nicola Larini


    Best line up: Alain Prost and Fernando Alonso

    Worst line up: Nelson Piquet jr and Jaques Villeneuve (after he was good)


    Best line up: Stirling Moss and Jim Clark

    Worst line up: Pedro Lamy and Satoru Nakajima


    Best line up: Mark Webber and Eddie Irvine

    Worst line up: Luciano Burti and Antonio Pizzonia


    Best line up: Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton

    Worst line up: Jan Magnussen and Michael Andretti

    And so on…


    Minardi has some great candidates:

    Best line up: Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber

    Worst line up: Paolo Barilla and Alex Yoong

    But there is probably a lot of other candidates for the latter :P. I did think Luca Badoer, but I felt bad because I don’t think he was actually that bad in his Minardi days.



    Best: Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Giancarlo Fisichella

    Worst: Giorgio Pantano and Narain Karthikayan


    Best: Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill

    Worst: Alex Zanardi and Kazuki Nakajima


    Best: Jack Brabham and Nelson Piquet

    Worst: Eric van de Poele and Giovana Amati


    Best: Michael Schumacher and Gerhard Berger

    Worst: JJ Lehto and Alexander Wurz

    Alex Bkk

    I’m not sure where you are going with this Ned? But I’d say the best Macca line up was Bruce Maclaren and Senna. then Prost and Lauda, Fittapaldi and Alonso, Lewis and Kimi, James Hunt and Jochen Mass, John Watson and Dan Gurney, Jody Sheckter and David Hobbs and Keke Rosberg and Jacky Ickx… to name a few

    Worst was David Coultard and Michale Andretti, then Heikki Kovalainen and Pedro de la Rosa, Stephan Johansen and Mark Blondell, Andrea de Cesaris and Alexander Wurz… then the bad drivers names really become obscure… Macca historically seems to hire some very very good drivers… More good than bad and quite a few well above average drivers.

    Tom L.

    Ned, I don’t think Nakano was so bad for Prost. I’d nominate Burti instead – although your “one driver per team” thing may of course be a reason why you chose Nakano instead.

    I’d also say Grosjean instead of Piquet at Renault. Regardless of the circumstances, Grosjean never showed anything like Japan ’08 where Piquet drove a solid race to 4th, or Germany the same year – although NPJ lucked into his podium he drove with a cool head once he got there, didn’t stick the car into a wall, fought sensibly with Hamilton and then held his P2. Although Grosjean never had a fair chance, the fact is he never looked like scoring points at any time during his short Renault stint.

    Ned Flanders

    Those are fair points Tom, Nakano did show potential in 1997, although he was driving a very competitive car by Prost’s standards. And yes I suppose Piquet did achieve some decent results, but then he was driving a much better car than Grosjean ever did, and he also had a full pre season of testing prior to his debut, whereas Grosjean was really thrown in at the deep end

    And Alex- Coulthard may not have been top drawer, but he won plenty of GP’s and had a lengthy career at McLaren so I think ranking him as one of their worst ever drivers is really harsh

    Alex Bkk

    Ned… if DC had been up to snuff, he would have won a lot more GP’s for Macca. He drove for them 9 bloody seasons and had just 13 wins.

    I don’t think I’m being harsh… I’m being honest.

    Alex Bkk

    Indeed , I’d go so far to say that DC was Macca’s Rubens Barachello.


    Ned, I disagree with you about Prost, Nakano was a nice driver, and he managed to do some good performances in 1997 and even in 1998 with the Minardi. I would nominate Burti and Mazzacane instead.

    In Lotus, I don’t believe Lamy deserves that nomination, I would choose instead Bartels or Dumfries.

    Minardi: Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber

    Nicolas Kiesa, Tuero

    Jordan: Frentzen, Hill

    Khartykheyan, Baumgartner

    Tyrrel: Stewart, Schekter (sorry Alboreto…)

    Rosset, Bailey

    Arrows: Hill, Patrese (sorry Warwick…)

    Inoue, Rosset

    Sauber: Heidfeld, Frentzen (sorry Raikkonen…)

    Fontana, Boullion


    Mercedes Best:Fangio, Stirling

    Mercedes Worst:Hans Herman (career best 7th in a very, very dominant car),Andre Simon(never scored a single point in his whole career)


    As pathetic as it is

    HRT’ Best Lineup – Senna and Klein

    HRT’s worst lienup – Karthikeyan and Yamamoto(unless they find someone worse this season)

    Dan Thorn

    I disagree with JCC’s suggestion of Tuero as a bad Minardi driver – IIRC he was actually quite promising, despite leaving in unusual circumstances.

    Great thread Ned!


    Best: Gilles Villeneuve, M.Schumacher

    Worst: Gianni Morbidelli, Arturo Merzario

    I’ll do more later when I’m not half asleep…


    He drove for them 9 bloody seasons and had just 13 wins.



    So, I was lying in bed last night when an idea for a Forum thread suddenly appeared in my mind.

    You know your an F1Fanatic when…


    Prost and Senna.

    All it would have taken was better man management, I mean really.


    Lauda and Villenurve

    Lauda scheming his wins, Villenurve godding them out of the car.

    I’ll think of some mares later.


    How about:

    Williams:(best) Ayrton Senna

    Alain Prost

    (worst)Alex Zanardi

    Antonio Pizzonia (does he count because he only did a few races?)

    Funny, I’ve just realised they all start with ‘A’. Spooky!

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