Horsepower v Horse Racing – (handicaps)

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    In thoroughbred horse racing, I quote, “the idea of weight allowances, or assignment of weights to handicap a horse, is to try to even things out by making the better horses carry more weight and giving the less-successful horses a chance by giving them a lighter weight.” Source: Answers.yahoo.com

    Mercedes have been dominating F1 for several years. Before then, it was the Red Bulls, with Ferrari close on their heels. Currently, the rest of the pack are almost a minute behind by the time the checkered flag is waved.

    So should F1 cars be made to carry weights to even the field up – as is done in horse racing? For an example: The driver who wins a race, gets a 3 kilogram weight added to his car. Second place gets 2kg, 3rd gets 1kg. From fourth to tenth they get a half kg weight. Eventually these weights will slow the cars down as the drivers will be forced to conserve more fuel to make it to the end of the race, thus giving the less successful teams more chance.

    For an example, lets assume Lewis Hamilton wins four races in a row. His car would have a 12kg weight. Now lets assume in his fifth race, he finishes fourth. For his next race, he loses one 3kg weight, but is still given the half kg weight for finishing fourth. So in effect, he loses two and a half kilos for finishing 4th. If his car breaks down or crashes out, then that is just unfortunate and no weights are removed.

    As things stand, F1 is really about the top three teams and I would love to see closer and tighter racing. What are your thoughts, please?

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