How could F1 add extra interest to its 'repeat races' this year?

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    Having taken the unprecedented step of arranging second races at some venues this year – Red Bull Ring and Silverstone to begin with – Formula 1 wishes to find a way of differentiating the two in a meaningful way.

    The fanciful suggestion it could run some tracks in the reverse direction is not going to happen (at least not without huge investment and redevelopment of the circuits). The reverse-grid qualifying race plan failed to gain support from teams.

    Do you think they need to add something different to the second races? How do you think they should do it? And is there a way of doing it in a way which will gain the approval of the teams?

    Ben Needham

    I don’t like the reverse direction (logistically impractical) or reverse grid (potentially unfair from a sporting perspective, though I’d like to see it from an entertainment perspective) suggestions.

    I think the only way you could ensure the races on the same tracks are different prospects is to run one with harder compound tyres and the other with softer compound tyres.

    A slightly more controversial but similar idea would be to run the second race with a mandatory 2 (or even 3) pitstops. This would make it different, the same for everybody, but would lead to some exciting strategy discrepancies and spice it up a little.

    Short of that… I wonder if Bernie has his sprinklers to hand!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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