How did you find F1 Fanatic?

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    If you remember…

    Tom L.

    Like you I pretty much stumbled across it by chance while looking for something else – at first I visited occasionally, but then with more and more regularity as I realised how good it was! But because of the way my addiction grew I can’t remember many details about the beginning!


    I think I just needed a place to vent my frustration after Spa 2008… :P


    I found this website just as the 2009 season got underway, looking for something else, I started commenting a few months later. Before F1 Fanatic, I just went on YouTube to fill my F1 appetite.


    I bought the app Pitpass on the iPhone. The news section of it gathered articles from F1 Fanatic, Autosport and the official F1 website. I found the more varied and interesting topics were found here so I signed up!!!!


    To be honest I can’t really remember, but my profile says I singed up as a member in August 2009. I Think I found this site towards the end of 2008 though when my mate would occasionally show give me links to the lap times charts and stuff, and I gradually got more and more involved.


    This video: http://t.co/XAaG3ys

    But I didn’t start posting until September, so it must have been on a repeat viewing or an epic lurk.


    If I remember correctly I found this site in the first half of 2007 (or 2008?) looking for F1 wallpapers. Then I read the news about the races more and more until this site entered in my daily routine of sites, and halfway through 2009, when I had a decent level of knowledge, I registered. Since then uncountable comments and entertaining discussions with other users. This community is part of my life now, thanks to everyone on here :)


    I was doing a review DVD of 2009, and the site I was using beforehand had not updated the Germany pictures. So I googled “German Grand Prix 2009 in picures.” I clicked on the top result.

    Never looked back ;)


    I found this site after searching for F1 blogs on google. This was one of the first I came across. I, like Damon was wary of commenting for a while mainly due to the fact did anyone care for my opinion. I used my full name for a while and was always entering my email address then my name to comment. Then the forum came back to life and I signed up for a username.


    Ever so randomly. I Googled something about “live F1” for a race, clicked around and found this site very quickly.

    The layout and content was far more to my taste than most F1 blogs/websites. It had the amazing F1F Live feed and I was immediately hooked. I lurked behind my bush for quite a while, decided to jump out from my hiding place (I was getting cramps in my legs) just a couple of weeks back.


    Well my brother kept going on about the site, and how’d he’d like to do it, then he did.

    I’m not allowed to visit any other F1 news site ;-)


    @Calum, like me!


    I stumbled across this site when trying to find out about the refueling ban before the 2010 season. I thought such a move would be bad because I had never seen any non refueling races; all such races had happened before I had been born. So I searched the topi, and found an article that gave, not 5, not 10, but 14 reasons why it was good, which astounded me. Then, I checked out the rest of the site and saw it was good, and I’ve followed it ever since.


    I came across this site when searching for driver line up rumours, possibly at the start of 2009? I remember regularly checking this topic, where someone regularly updated a image, linking drivers who had signed to teams, and who others were being linked with? Anyone else remember this or similar?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)
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