How did you find F1 Fanatic?

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    Yep, I remember it – it was before 2010, not 2009.

    EDIT: Well, I remember it from 2010, could be both times.


    I got a free iPhone app in 2009 called F1 News, that’s basically just an aggregator of various F1 RSS feeds. I kept reading the daily roundups, and they were consistently some of the best information of any of the RSS feeds, so I started visiting the site proper. I think I started commenting towards the end of 2009, but I don’t know for sure.


    I remember it was in the middle of 2007, when the Spygate drama was really hotting up. Up to that point, I’d only been reading Pitpass (back when it was a lot better), but I wanted to read more op-ed pieces and fan opinions. F1F wasn’t at the top of the search page (although it wasn’t a new site, it was very new in its current guise), but it was on Page 1. Opened it, loved what I saw, and been visiting since.

    To give you an idea, this is what the site looked like when I began visiting it regularly. I’d know because I’m in the Top Commentators list! :D


    You can also use the Wayback Machine to go back to the very beginnings of this site (or at least when they began archiving it anyway). If you go back a little earlier – to 2005, you’ll see it actually began as a weekly e-mag.


    Through Google in the tail end of 2007 I guess.


    To be honest, I don’t remember it at all. :P


    I’ve been looking for a civilized F1 blog and this one is the best I’ve been able to find. So many are filled with opinionated rubbish. I am not really interested in the usual “Fan” topics filled with rant and rave and really bad writing. I am interested in how F1 cars work, how they are designed, what the FIA rules mean, how they are interpreted and what changes in interpretations will cost the teams, etc. This is the only blog I’ve found that provides a place for civilized discussion of these sorts of topics.

    Alex Bkk

    About four years ago I was trying to find a way to follow F1 races because I couldn’t get them on TV. I found the live blog and thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Been here ever since whether you like it or not. ;)

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I have no idea how I got here. I think I’ve always been here.


    I was googling to find a track layout for the newly proposed Donington Park upgrade. One of the top articles was the one on this site, and I’ve never left.

    So by that article date that’s approaching 3 years now.


    I found it on the Internet …. It’s an amazing thing the Internet, just like the site!

    Stephen Jones

    i like Calum’s one!

    but yeah.. i found the site exactly the same way you found it damon! was browsing for F1 Wallpapers. I just got wallpapers for most of 09, and only started reading articles late 09.. it was a ‘check every week or so’ kind of site for 2010 until the championship battle got intense! then i started to lurk a fair bit.. I started off on the liveblogs about a 3rd of the way through ’10, since noone knew my name, and my comments could be forgotten quickly on the liveblog if i said something bad! anyway.. turns out i got some pretty positive things said! and it was good talking to some people knowledgeable about F1 for a change! after abu dhabi i set myself a task; i wanted to get Auto-Comment like all the Cool Kids. Then i started commenting like mad over the off-season! and come melbourne, i had made a tonne of friends, and some people actually know me know! then i get to the liveblog to find that everyone’s got auto-comment.. devastated! =P


    I am not sure when exactly I found the site, but it must have been with the 2007 spygate saga slowly developing. I started looking for news on the net on various sites and discussed some of it with my brother (who posts here as Bosyber). H

    He gave me tips to the F1 technical forum and to F1Fanatic for well founded background news and discussions.

    So I started to visit once in a while for the spygate affair, and more and more news and discussions. And I followed some of the forum as I was looking at some pre F1 racing heroes (about the last European Championship win and mysteries surrounding that).

    My brother also tipped me on the live blog, as I was bored of looking on Czech TV or German RTL, and I started to watch that and be amazed at how well informed the audience was.

    After reading a lot on the site for about a year, I got hooked up to comment on some issues (might it have been proving PM wrong :-D?) and it got to be a sort of daily routine!


    LOL, me too Calum.

    Dan Thorn

    It started cropping up regularly during google searches, I think around the 08/09 off season. Every time I clicked on the link I noticed some person called Ned Flanders posting regularly and the site sorta stuck in my mind. Eventually it became the prime site I used for info, even more so when I realised how great the community here is!


    Someone else on a forum I post on was posting links to articles.

    I think that was around the start of 2009, when Brawn were surprising everybody in testing. I started to come here more and more to read the articles, because they were actually interesting.

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