How did you find F1 Fanatic?

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    I have absolutely no idea but it was around the time of the 09 Malaysian GP and I was instantly hooked. I didn’t comment until months later though.


    While looking for past experiences of the Belgian GP my father came across the spectators experiences section. This was around mid 2008, and only realised there was a site with reports etc until after the GP when instead of being directed straight to the spectators experiences section I was linked to the main page.

    I’ve been visiting multiples times a day ever since.


    Get off my lawn kids! One of the earliest members of the blog and the forum :D

    Found it while just searching for like-minded F1 fans. Part of the earliest moderators/commentators of the liveblog too :D

    Ned Flanders

    It was after the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix (remember it? It was a decent race). I was still bouncing of the walls after the race had finished and I needed as big a fix of F1 info as possible to calm myself down. At the time, my regular F1 sites were probably ITV-F1 and GrandPrix.com (neither of which I visit these days), and that just wasn’t enough for me.

    So, having discovered the site I was merely a lurker for several months, until in mid 2009 I was commenting semi-regularly, firstly under various random names like Tim or Bob, then Casino Square, before I finally settled on Ned Flanders later that year

    Journeyer- wow, I’ve just clicked the link you put up, the site looks so different now!


    Typed into Google ‘Formula 1’, and it was the 5th link, I think. Either way, it’s easily one of the best F1 websites to exist.


    ‘found’ this place about 5 years ago whilst searching for testing schedules – i have friends that live about 30k’s from the ricardo tormo (sp?) circuit in valencia that’s used for pre-season testing. deffo the best f1 site on the web!!


    I don’t remember… but I think it was around early 2010. I was a regular reader of James Allen website and I think I got to know this one through the comments there, not quite sure tough. I ended up switching to reading more of this nowadays. Have only discovered the forum when registration was enforced for voting in pools. Glad that happened as I can’t avoid spending a whole lot of time in here nowadays!


    I know it was around the start of the 2009 season, but how I found it, I can’t remember. I hadn’t followed F1 in years, due to being forced to live an actual life where TV wasn’t a priority (and Schumacher domination was boring as early as 98 or 99, even when he wasn’t winning you could tell it was inevitable). I was relying on the BBC site, autosport, and boards.ie at the time, so I suspect that I followed a recommendation on boards.


    I think I found this site towards the end of the 2008 season. I had just moved to the Netherlands, and was without a TV for a couple of weeks. During this time I started searching for more video streams and other online content on F1. I somehow came across F1fanatic, and have been hooked on ever since.


    It was sometime during the 2008 season, while I was looking around for some decent F1 images, I stumbled across the site, bookmarked it and promptly forgot about it until after the season where I followed it until November of ’09 when I finally became a member.

    Alianora La Canta

    I first came to F1 Fanatic in March 2007. I’d started a blog the previous August and picked up a book about how to improve my blogging. Among other good tips, it advised me to… …look at some successful blogs to get some ideas. I think this was the second blog I checked out (the first one I checked is currently on hiatus). F1 Fanatic looked good, so I started commenting. The amount I’ve commented has fluctuated wildly in the intervening years, but basically I’ve been here ever since.


    I think I didn’t use internet much to find information about F1 until the start of 2009 season. For sure, I knew that Autosport had its website and used to visit it and some other sites occasionally but didn’t spend a lot of time on this. Then, at the beginning of 2009 season, I decided to take part in a predictions contest, which was organised by Heikki Kovalainen’s fan page. In order to improve my ‘prediction skills’, I started to search for some more information, which could help me to understand, for instance, which track suits Red Bull / Brawn better. So I found James Allen’s blog. I think I noticed F1 Fanatic at about the same time as well but first thought that F1F was something like Planet F1 (a thought, which I feel ashamed about now :)) But JA’s blog showed me how interesting and useful an F1 website can be so I became hooked and wanted more. When I started to pay more attention to F1F’s content, I understood that it is actually professional and high-quality. Since then, I have been a regular visitor.


    Sometime around 2007. I remember chatting about the Alonso/Hamilton pitlane incident in Hungary in the comments so maybe it was just to talk about that. That was when there were about 10/15 comments on each article as opposed to around 200 :P Then in 2008 I converted Katy to the site too.

    EDIT: Looking through the old articles is fun. This is probably one of the earliest posts I did, just before the 2007 Hungarian GP infact – http://bit.ly/oDfM5l

    Wow Journeyer, I remember the site looking like that! As you watch it progress you don’t really feel like it’s changed that much but looking at that.. wow!


    For me it was about summer 2007, because if I remember right, I was trying to find copies of the old season review videos and this was the only site I could find with reviews to all of them, and just started visiting regularly from there. I used to comment rarely under the name ‘al’, and only started commenting/using the forum more regularly about a year ago.

    And yeah, I remember the old design, seems so recently that it got changed, but actually it’s 4 years ago!


    I found this place around a year ago, during the season break actually. I was actively looking for somewhere to not only discuss F1 but to dig a little deeper and find a little community.

    A fantastic find!

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