How many races could Ferrari have won in 2019?

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    I was thinking this through in my head the other day: We’ve had 11 races so far and while Mercedes have won a lot of them it seems to me like Ferrari could have won quite a few. But whether due to unreliability, driver errors or strategic mistakes, we’re heading into round 12 and they’re still on zero.

    Which of the races so far this year could Ferrari have won, based on how their rivals performed and what they did? Here’s a reminder of the races and winners so far:

    1 – Australia – Valtteri Bottas – Mercedes
    2 – Bahrain – Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
    3 – China – Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
    4 – Azerbaijan – Valtteri Bottas – Mercedes
    5 – Spain – Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
    6 – Monaco – Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
    7 – Canada – Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
    8 – France – Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
    9 – Austria – Max Verstappen – Red Bull
    10 – Great Britain – Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
    11 – Germany – Max Verstappen – Red Bull

    Ben Needham

    There are absolutely a number of races they could have won, as well as some that they should have won! The ones that stand out to me as glaring missed opportunities are:
    – Bahrain – where Charles Leclerc’s car gave up around 10-15 laps from the end as he was leading comfortably.
    – Azerbaijan – where Leclerc threw it in the wall in qualifying when looking like the fastest man all weekend.
    – Canada – where Sebastian Vettel was holding off Lewis Hamilton and made a mistake, earning a penalty to drop him to second place.
    – Austria – again, Leclerc found himself leading and had it nicked from him by Max Verstappen with one lap to go.
    – Germany – Leclerc was in with a good shot if he hadn’t found himself in the barriers.

    Perhaps the last two are a little more contentious than the other, but in a parallel universe, Ferrari have 5 wins this year, with most of them going to Leclerc!


    Nice statistics, thx for gathering this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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