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    Hey folks. Just a random question that rather got me buzzing. Of all the drivers currently in F1 (yes, you can include test drivers, etc. Heck I’d say Kubica/Heidfeld can also be counted) surely there are some who will go on to win titles who haven’t done so. Those who have probably could win more titles as well. Just a question. How many do you think will each win, before they permanently retire? (i.e. if they pull a Schumi; come back to the sport, and race, that is counted too)

    If you nominate a current non-champion as a future champion; why?


    Hard to say, but I reckon Alonso and Vettel will both win titles again, probably more than one. Button or Hamilton will as well, but not sure which one. Massa, Webber and Schumacher probably won’t win any.

    Rosberg, di Resta, Perez and Hulkenberg all have a good chance, and I think at least two of them will be champions.

    It’s very hard to say for Ricciardo and Vergne – they’ve both shown they’re very talented and they both have a good chance of having a Red Bull seat in a few years’ time, but Vettel is only a few years older and it’s hard to see those two beating him.

    And I think we can all agree that Trulli, Barrichello, Liuzzi and Karthikeyan will never win an F1 title.

    Bradley Downton

    2012 – Vettel
    2013 – Schumacher
    2014 – Hamilton
    2015 – Perez


    By the end of 2020:

    Alonso – 3
    Vettel – 4
    Hamilton – 2
    Rosberg – 2
    Perez – 2
    Di Resta – 1
    Kubica could’ve been up there, but his career came to a sad end.

    Pure guesswork, but here it goes:

    2012 – Fernando Alonso (age 32)
    2013 – Nico Rosberg (age 28)
    2014 – Lewis Hamilton (age 29)
    2015 – Nico Rosberg (age 29)
    2016 – Vettel (age 29)
    2017 – Perez (age 27)
    2018 – Di Resta (age 32)
    2019 – Perez (age 29)
    2020 – Vettel (age 33)

    Vettel and Perez could win titles after 2020.


    Alonso – 4
    Vettel – 4
    Hamilton – 1
    Button – 2
    Kubica -1
    Rosberg – 2
    Di Resta -1

    Prisoner Monkeys

    If all the current champions retired today (and if their teams did not enter in 2012), then I think next year’s championship would be fought between Nico Rosberg, Vitaly Petrov, Paul di Resta and Sergio Perez.


    @prisoner-monkeys But wouldn’t that mean Mercedes would not take part next year? If you’re saying Rosberg would go somewhere else, then surely Webber would be in the fight as well.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Okay, Rosberg would drive a Mercedes, but they would not enter a car for Schumacher.


    @prisoner-monkeys Must be the same for Webber and Massa then?


    2012: Vettel
    2013: Kobayashi
    2014: Kobayashi
    2015: Kobayashi
    2016: Kobayashi
    2017: Kobayashi
    2018: Kobayashi
    2019: Kobayashi
    2020: Kobayashi


    Alonso- 4
    Vettel- 4
    Ham- 3
    Massa- 1 (please don’t do any nasty comments but I just refuse to give up hope until he quits racing even if 99% of my brain now it’s stupid and crazy)
    di Resta- 2
    Hulkenberg- 2

    *My wild prediction (apart from Massa) is Bruno Senna will win one


    * Vettel-5
    * M Webber-nil
    * Hamilton-4
    * Button-2
    * Alonso-4
    * Massa-Nil
    * Perez-5.Very talented & promising
    * kubica-Hard 2 predict
    * Others-WHO CARES?


    Considering the current grid is so competitive, I find it hard to imagine Alonso, as incredible as he is, winning any more than 3 titles. I can see Vettel winning 5 or more, but as for new world champions, I’m not willing to hazard a guess! I’d love to see Senna, Perez and di Resta make it one day. I refused to believe it at the end of last year, but I do think Webber’s blown his only chance. Massa has more of my sympathy, however, as he came the closest and then suffered a cruel blow that may well have ended any chance of him challenging again.

    I can also see Button winning another title and I really hope it’s next year, as that will be his best chance providing McLaren build a decent car. Hamilton should win a few more, but who’s not to say all of this media attention will become too much and he’ll never come back to his best. I really hope he does, but I am sincerely worried for him all the same.


    I love speculative threads like this, so here goes:

    2012 – Alonso (Ferrari)
    2013 – Schumacher (Mercedes)
    2014 – Rosberg (Mercedes)
    2015 – Hamilton (McLaren)
    2016 – Hamilton (McLaren)
    2017 – Vettel (Mercedes)
    2018 – Rosberg (Mercedes)
    2019 – Hamilton (Ferrari)
    2020 – Vettel (Ferrari)


    @raymondu999 Your saying Schumacher will win another 7 titles?

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